Capture the Vivid Scenery of Zhangye Danxia Geological Park
With 10 years experience in managing China tours for Muslim clients, we have successfully organized many tours that incorporate the Islamic ethos. Having satisfied Muslim customers from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and other parts of the world. Our tour packages are designed and tailored to meet your expectations, no matter if you choose to view the panoramic skyline of Hong Kong, experience the bicultural history of Macau or venture into the spectacular scenery of mainland China we can provide the just for you.
Bayanbulak Grassland of Inner Mongolia
Bayanbulak Grassland is located in the Mongolian Autonomous P…
s Prefecture of Bayingolin and at the northwestern Jing County, which  >> Read more
2016 Belait Travel Fair
The 11th Belait Travel Fair well be held from 5-6 March 2016.…
The event is popular amongst clients looking out for special fares and packages >> Read more

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