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Mosques in Shanghai

Mosques in Shanghai

There is an estimated Muslim population of 85,000 in Shanghai and 10 ethnic groups adopting Islam as their religion. As history recorded, Islam was first introduced into Shanghai during the Yuan Dynasty (1341-1868) when Muslims in the Yuan army settled in the Songjiang District. When Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), there are some Muslim generals stationed in Jinshanwei and Jiading around Shanghai. To strengthen the coastal areas, the Ming government had migrated about 2,000 Muslims of Hui minority to the coastal area of Shnghai Jinshanwei. This incident led to the building of a mosque in Qingpu County.
Among those mosques built in Shanghai, Songjiang Mosque is the oldest one to be constructed during the Yuan Dynasty. Other major mosques in Shanghai include Xiaotaoy, osuqe, Huxi Mosque, Pudong Mosque, Fuyou Road Mosque and Xiaotaoyuan Female Mosque.

    Shanghai Mosque (Masjid) Guide
  • Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Mosque

    Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Mosque

    As the largest mosque in Shanghai, Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Mosque was first built in 1917 and then rebuilt in 1925. It is the educational and cultural center for Shanghai Muslims. Xiaotaoyuan Mosque was originally named West Mosque in the past. Then, Xioataoyuan Mosque ge...Detail
  • Shanghai Huxi Mosque

    Shanghai Huxi Mosque

    Located in Putuo district of Shanghai, Huxi Mosque was first built in the year of 1921 and rebuilt after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. It was originally located in Xikang Road, and then it was moved to Changde Road in 1992. It is one of the...Detail
  • Shanghai Pudong Mosque

    Shanghai Pudong Mosque

    Located in Yuansheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, Pudong Mosque is one of the major mosques in Shanghai. Pudong Mosque was first built in 1935 and later rebuilt in 1984. Presently covering a large area of 1,650 square meters, Pudong Mosque was constructed into a 3-...Detail
  • Shanghai Fuyou Road Mosque

    Shanghai Fuyou Road Mosque

    The Fuyou Road Mosque , located in Fuyou Road, Shanghai, is one of the oldest and major mosques in Shanghai . Fuyou Road Mosque was first constructed in the ninth year of Tongzhi during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and was rebuilt and expanded later. The mosque now c...Detail
  • Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Female Mosque

    Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Female Mosque

    Located at Xiaotaoyuan Street in the southern urban area of Shanghai, Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Female Mosque, also known as Shanghai Female Mosque, covers an area of 452 square meters. It was first built in 1920 in Gaodun Street of Nanshi District, and then moved to Xiaot...Detail
  • Shanghai Songjiang Mosque

    Shanghai Songjiang Mosque

    As one of the oldest mosques in Shanghai, the Songjiang Msoque , originally called Zhenjiao Mosque, is located in Songjiang District of Shanghai. It was first established in Zhizheng reign during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in ...Detail