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Mosques in Nanjing

Mosques in Nanjing

There is currently no accurate record of when Islam was actually introduced in Nanjing. But what is worth noting is that in the neighboring cities of Yangzhou and Zhenjiang there were Muslims. Nanjing earned itself the title “The Metropolis of Ten Dynasties” due to its positioning on the southern bank of the Yangtze River. There was an estimated population of 100,000 Muslims in Nanjing during the Yuan Dynasty.  

There is a total of nine mosques in Nanjing some are located downtown and other in suburban areas. Jingjue mosque is one of the 8 famous mosques in southeast China, it was ordered to be built in conjunction with Xian Huajue mosque by the Emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty in 1392 AD. 

    Nanjing Mosque (Masjid) Guide
  • Nanjing Jingjue Mosque

    Nanjing Jingjue Mosque

    The Nanjing Jingjue mosque , also known as Sanshan Street mosque, dates back to Hongwu Ming Dynasty. It is the most time-honored mosque in Nanjing, which get rebuilted in the early of 4th century under the advise of a famous Chinese voyager, Zhenghe. Covering an area...Detail
  • Nanjing Caoqiao Mosque

    Nanjing Caoqiao Mosque

    Nanjing Caoqiao mosque is named after the place where it located. There were 33 mosques in Nanjing in 1958, and Caoqiao mosque was the important one of them. It was built in Qing Dynasty(1736 -795), then unfortunately get destroyed when Taiping Heavenly Kingdom came...Detail
  • Nanjing Hanximen Mosque

    Nanjing Hanximen Mosque

    Hanximen Mosque dates back to Tianqi Ming Dynasty featuring Chinese classical architectural style with walls and doors in Arabic style. The main hall covers an area of 320 square meters. It was once destroyed when Taiping Heavenly Kingdom came in power, and get recon...Detail
  • Nanjing Jizhaoying Mosque

    Nanjing Jizhaoying Mosque

    Nanjing Jizhaoying Mosque covers an area of 815.1 square meters. Although there are no written record about the exactly time when the mosque built, it is believed that the mosque was constructed in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. The ancient mosque was once burned wh...Detail