Baisha Lake with Bewildering Scenes

10/14/2014 Young Sights Xinjiang 2082
At the foot of the mountain is the crystal-clear Baisha Lake with the flat and smooth surface. There were masses of lotus flowers in the lake, tall reeds responding to the gentle breeze. It is just as when one throws a stone into water, with scream of birds and fishes leaping out of water, yet when the ripples have died down and are gone, the mirror like lake again will be as it was before, leaving not a trace of the disturbance.

If you looked down the whole lake in the sky, as of Baisha Lake is a great precious mirror besetting on a sea of fresh green vegetation. If you searched in the woods along the shore, nothing met but various fungi plants were competing for growing. If you go to Xian Lake after the rain, you could view the rainbow arching across the sky, which likes a fairyland on earth, with a thousand and fabulous scenery. What a vivid picture with watery town of the great desert.

Baisha Lake is in the desert, with the altitude of about 650 meters. Today Baisha Lake stretches some 2,100 meters north to south and 1,300 meters east to west, which is referred to as the wonder of the desert. The water surface area accounts for 10 hectares. Whether in winter or summer, spring or autumn, the water of the lake is always neither adding nor subtracting. The questions where does the water issue from and why it could keep normal all the year round had always hung on people's minds.

Here, again, the rational man would admit that the question is one to which there is no demonstrably right answer. Yet it's just one of the important reasons why Baisha Lake is full of color and animation. The surrounding Lake District is surrounded by the sand mountains. On the shore of the lake is growing the groves of birch trees.

The lotus flowers are in full bloom in the lake. Wild duck is swimming across the lake. In this golden season of autumn, red leaves and yellow leaves are fluttering gaily in the wind. The green waters in the lake were glassy and motionless. With the lake and the hills setting each other off, the overall landscape has gained a singular charm.

Looking at the distance and from nearby the magnificent panorama of the lake is very splendid. The sandy area in the warm and brilliant sunshine is giving off the intoxicating earth aromas. The surrounding Lake District is covered by mountains. With overlapping steep peaks, you could smell the soughing of the wind in the pines and the bluish green cypresses.

The beauty spot free from the noise and excitement in the city could make visitors hear the birds calling on the lonely mountain. The bright shining light on the water could be seen through the trees, with watery blue reaching far beyond the horizon. People appeared to be in the dreamy land. Numerous historic cultural landscapes are massing in Baisha Lake. 
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