The Attractive Baihujian Scenic Spot

6/15/2014 Young Sights Beijing 2332

Baihujian natural scenic spot is located within the boundaries of Yangfang Town, Changping District. It's an offshoot of the Taihang Mountains. In total, the Baihujian Scenic Zone accounts for an area of some 4.6 million square meters, with the highest peak of 85 meters. It was given that name of "The miraculous mountain with thousand peaks in emerald color" because there're the crumbled peaks and prehistoric spines of the mountain standing at intervals within the tourist resort where the mountains stretch for hundreds of miles.

Baihujian scenic zone is one of the eight scenic sights in Changping District, celebrated for crumbling peaks and prehistoric ridges. The mountain ranges rise and fall and stretch as far as the eye could see. The wooded landscape with queer stones and secluded valley is the fantastic sight of the scenic spot. The strange peaks rise straight up from the plains, setting up a unique landscape. The marvelous peaks, valley in deep elegant seclusion and the crossflow stream form the three most beautiful and attractive scenery line.

Baihujian natural scenic spot is surrounded by the mountains on three sides, and with open and flat land only to the southeast where is blessed with unsurpassed microclimate. Such a unique topographical feature has been described as "On three sides are cloud-capped hills, on one the opened mouth."

People would be easily struck by the boldness and abruptness of the rocks within the scenic spot. Because of the ages of weathering, the peculiar rocks are jagged and unshapely, offering the mountain a ghastly appearance. If one was present on the spot, one would feel as though he had entered a fabled world. The valley ran meanderingly through the river resemble the shape of a python.

The grotesque rocks are as much as a forest of masts. Among which the famous Shuiquan Valley, White Dragon Pool, Yingyue Pool and many more are unprecedentedly good. Resemble stone and Optimus Prime in various shapes and sizes are skillfully imitated as to be indistinguishable from the original.

The best travelling time to enjoy the trip to Baihujian natural scenic spot is the Spring and Autumn when it is neither too cold nor too hot. It is comfortably cold but pulsing with life in autumn, when the sky is clear and clean, the air crisp and the wind free of dust.

The lay of Baihujian area is just as important that it has strategic importance. Baihujian natural scenic spot is sheltered by the mountains at the northern edge of the Great Plain of China and water on the other which creates a typical climate of seasonal temperate semi-humid monsoon for Beijing with four distinctive seasons.

People who live in Beijing all feel that spring and autumn in Beijing are quite short while winters are somewhat long relative to other seasons. The annual precipitation of the region is 644 mm, with 180 frostless days. The many and varied historic sites in the scenic area have attracted many tourists from both at home and abroad. The remains are still in existence which invites special attention and recalling. 

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