Top 10 Hiking Routes in China - Part 1

11/15/2013 Sherry Tours Beijing 4347

Part 1

Hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature. It brings people to the most beautiful places on earth and into contact with amazing plants and wildlife. Beaches, deserts, woods, jungle forests, hills, and mountains. Here is a collection of top 10 hiking routes in China.

Top 10: Li River(漓江)

It’s well known that Guilin’s scenery is the best in the world. It is one of four cities in China that foreign tourists most want to travel. Li River hiking route becomes more popular among people. It is from Yangdi Port(杨堤码头) to Xingping(兴坪), about dozen of miles for 1 day. During the trip, you can get closer to Li River and explore the beauty of Guilin.
Hiking route: Yangdi Port(杨堤码头) -- Xingping(兴坪)
Difficulty: 3/10
Scenery: 3 star
Duration: 1 day

Top 9 Tiger Leaping Gorge(虎跳峡)
Tiger Leaping Gorge, in Lijiang (丽江)is well-known as the hiking resort in the world. Finishing it just takes 2 days. It is not very dangerous, although it still has some difficulties, as landforms are precipitous.
Hiking route: Shang Tiger Leaping Gorge(上虎跳峡)or Xia Tiger Leaping Gorge (下虎跳峡)
Difficulty: 4 /10
Scenery: 3 star
Duration: 2 days

Top 8: Hanasi (哈纳斯)
Hanasi looks amazing in autumn. It is characterized of golden forest, clear lake and mysterious Tuwa Village. The route is from Dahong Fishing Island(大红渔岛) to Jiadengyu(贾登峪), passing by Heihu Lake(黑湖), Hemu Village(禾木村), lasting for 3 days. During the period, you have to camp in outdoors.
Hiking route: Dahong Fishing Island(大红渔岛) - Heihu Lake(黑湖)-Hemu Village(禾木村)-Jiadengyu(贾登峪)
Difficulty: 5/10
Scenery: 3 star
Duration: 3 days

Top 7: The Great Wall(长城)

The Great Wall is the symbol of Chinese Nation. For hikers, it is a great challenge to finish the whole journey. Usually, people only choose one part of it. If someone could finish the hiking from Shanhai Guan(山海关) to Jiayu Guan(嘉峪关), he probably will create the new record.
Hiking route: The Great Wall (长城)
Difficulty: 5.5/10
Scenery: 4 star
Duration: Depends how far hikers could walk

Top 6: Siguniang Mountain  (四姑娘山)

One place is unmissable for hikers in Sichuan. That is Siguniang Mountain. As the landscape here has south European style, it is awarded the Chinese Alps. It is not very far away from cities and has not very high difficulty. The ordinary route is from Rilong (日隆) to Bipenggou (毕棚沟), passing by Changpingcunkou (长坪村口), Chazigoukou (叉子沟口) and Yakou (垭口), lasting for 3 days.
Hiking route: Rilong (日隆)-Changpingcunkou (长坪村口)-Chazigoukou (叉子沟口) --Yakou (垭口)-Bipenggou (毕棚沟)
Difficulty: 6/10
Scenery: 4 star
Duration: 3 days

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