Glamorous Shentangyu Natural Scenic Spot

8/21/2014 Young Sights Beijing 2647

The beautiful Shentangyu natural scenic spot is located in the territory of Huairou County, 65 kilometers from Beijing. Natural Scenic Spots of Shentangyu is the first nature reserve of opening to the outside world in Huairou County. The scenic area has gathered together mountains and rivers, picturesque cragged peaks, grotesque rocks and the ancient Great Wall merging into one organic whole. 

It's such a tranquil scene in a paradise of the fairy place with quiet and green surroundings, no interruptions and free of pollution that is certainly fascinating and enchanting. With the stunning natural scenery, pure and healthy air, the well known Yanqi River with good water quality and the constant flow of water could run through the whole region.

A naturally formed Dragon Lake, Mandarin Duck Pool and Crocodile Pool had the spacious waters and were all clear to the bottom. Shentangyu natural scenic spot boasts dangerous mountain peaks and picturesque rocks gifted by nature. The Bodhisattva Hat stood out because of its peculiar shape, soaring higher into the sky, which is indeed an enchanting place to visit. The rock at the foot of the cliff on the west coast of the divinely formed Crocodile Pool is shaped like the crocodile's head. That's why it's called the Crocodile Pool.

The daedal hand of nature whose attractiveness is enhanced by the presence of life-like Yingzui Peak, Camel Hill and Turtle Stone is where one would like to linger on and on to drink in the enchanting beauty of nature. Historically, Shentangyu belonged to the fort of the capital city and its environs. There were a large number of beautifully preserved remains of military fortresses built in during the Ming Emperor Wanli. 


The Ruins of the ancient Great Wall that had gone through the entire storm and stress in the course of vigorous struggle, its gallant and stately manner had been preserved to this day. No one can say for sure how many tourists have been to this beautiful place to enjoy the charming scenery and the seclusion it offers. The place provides a haven for those seek the extraordinary and make antiquarian researches.

The staggering Longtan Massacre had recorded one bitter history that had happen the most important tourist site Longtan during the War of Resistance against Japan. A monument has been set up in the sight of Longtan Massacre. The beauty spot had become the education activities bases of teenagers' patriotism.

For the convenience of the vast numbers of visitors, in the scenic spot, sandy beach bathing place, fishing place, bonfire place and field barbecued place had been set up. In addition, other supporting service facilities including restaurant, hotel rooms and departments will also be available.

Other tourist and service facilities including folk custom tourism activities are also offered for visitors to have the pleasure-in-farmhouse tourism and experience the simple and honorable folk custom. Here, you could feel the touching legend of Bodhisattva Hat and experience the beauty and quietness of the Shentangyu. These beautiful fairy tales could be eternally gratifying to man's aesthetic sense. 

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