Top10 Cycling Routes in China - Part 1

11/15/2013 Sherry Activities Beijing 4486

Nowadays, more and more people choose to travel by bike. It’s fun, healthy, convenient and cheap of course. There is a selection of the most beautiful and interesting paths through China by bike.

NO.10 Urumqi --Dunhuang (乌鲁木齐--敦煌)
Cycling routes: Urumqi (乌鲁木齐) →Dabancheng District(达坂城区) →Turpan(吐鲁番市) →Shanshan County(鄯善市) →Yiwanquan Village(一碗泉村) →Hami(哈密市) →Luotuo Quanzi (l骆驼圈子村) →Xingxingxia Town (星星峡镇) →Xihu County(西湖乡) →Dunhuang(敦煌)

Difficulty: 2 star
Popularity: 2 star
Scenery: 3 star
Distance: 990km
Duration: 10 --15 days
Best time for cycling: August --October

Reason: Urumqi is the capital of Xinjing. Dunhuang was a major city on the ancient Silk Road, and is famous for its Mogao Grottoes. Cycling from Urumqi to Dunhuang, cyclist can explore a variety of scenery: snow covered mountains, forests, deserts, and experience the ethnic customs and culture of the ethnic minority people.

NO. 9 Tour abound Qinghai Lake(青海湖)

Cycling routes: Heimahe County(黑马河乡)-Birds Island(鸟岛)-Gangchai County(刚察县)-Xihai Town(西海镇)-Huangyuan County(湟源县)

Difficulty: 1star
Popularity: 3 star
Scenery: 3 star
Distance: 360Km
Duration: 4 --7 days
Best time for cycling: July --August
Reason: This is a favourite cycling route as Qinghai Lake is a highland lake with breathtaking scenery.

No.8 Silk Road :Lanzhou - Dunhuang(敦煌)
Cycling routes: Lanzhou(兰州)-Tianzhu Zhang Autonomous County(天祝藏族自治县)-Wuwei(武威市)-Zhangye(张掖市)-Jiuquan(酒泉市)-Jiayuguang(嘉峪关市)-Yumen(玉门市)-Guazhou County(瓜州县)-Dunhuang(敦煌市)

Difficulty: 2 star
Popularity: 3 star
Scenery: 3 star
Distance: 1100km
Duration: 12 --15 days
Best time for cycling: September --October

Reason: Along the famous Hoxi Corridor, there are too many scenic spot s and historic resorts, like Mogao Grottoes, Jiayuguan of Great Wall, Jiuquan Cosmodrome, etc, for the eyes to take in.

NO. 7 Beijing –Hangzhou (北京--杭州)
Cycling routes: Beijing(北京) →Tianjin(天津) →Cangzhou (沧州市) →Dezhou (德州市) →Liaocheng(聊城市) →Jining(济宁市 →Xuzhou (徐州市) →Suqian(宿迁市) →Huai'an(淮安市) →Yangzhou(扬州市) →Changzhou(常州市) →Wuxi(无锡市) →Shanghai(上海市) →Jiaxing (嘉兴市) →Hangzhou(杭州)

Difficulty: 1 star
Popularity: 5 star
Scenery: 3 star
Distance: 1,780km
Duration: 20 --25 days
Best time for cycling: April --October

Reason: The Grand Canal of China is one of the longest and most ancient artificial rivers in the world. Starting from Beijing, it passes through Tianjin and the provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang to the city of Hangzhou. Cycling along the canal from north to south, cyclists can enjoy the various attractions in different cities, and explore the cultural heritage of ancient China.

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