Four seasons of Mt. Sanqingshan

11/7/2013 Sherry Sights Shangrao 2456
Mt. Sanqingshan is on the borders between De Xing City and Yu Shang County. It is a famous Taoist mountain. It is also a world cultural heritage. After 1400 million years of geology movement, it forms a matchless granitic geomorphologic landscape. Its sheer peaks, ancient trees and flowers, cascading waterfalls, sea of clouds and mist are known as the four unique scenic features.

Spring’s Blossom

After a lengthy winter, spring wakes all nature in Mt. Sangqingshan, all flowers bloom. Between late April and early June, it’s the prime time of admiring flowers. However, as it’s quiet wet at this time of year, tourists must pay attention to local weather forecast. Although, the blossom fall outside of mountain, the flowers here just start to bloom in all their splendor, especially azaleas. Rhododendron fortunei,Rhododendron simiarum,Orang Rhododendron and other sorts burst into blossom one after another. Each year, azaleas stretch for miles, afford a magnificent spectacle. Some thousand-year ancient azaleas form flower pagodas. It’s like a flower sea when placing yourself into it. The beautiful scenery makes people feel so carefree and happy. Tourists pour in for the magnificent view.

Sunrise & Sunset During Summer

Summer in Mt. Sanqingshan is between late June and mid-August. As it belongs to highland climate, the temperature differs a lot from the top to the foot, between days and nights. Generally speaking, temperature during the day is about 20 to 27, while during the night, it is 16 to 21. As the air is so fresh and cool, it becomes a famous summer resort. Apart from the brief thunderstorm, the weather is so fine to take photographs.

Autumn Charm

After the restlessness of spring and summer, the breeze is sweeping gently, the autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp. For me, this is the best season for sightseeing. Autumn here is between late August and mid-Oct. At this period, it’s relatively dry. You won’t be caught by the unexpected rain when ranging the mountain. It will definitely be a pleasant experience when coming here during the Mid-autumn Festival. The moon appears so full and bright; the sky above the mountain is so dark. Whilst gazing at the beautiful moon in the silent mountain, one couldn’t help having his imagination flies.

Snow in the Winter

Winter in Mt. Sanqingshan is very lengthy. It is between mid-Oct and early April of the following year. For snow lovers no time is better than now. And no place is better than here to admire snow. However, when snow gets too heavy, the mountain will be closed. You should always check with the local authority before travelling in winter.

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