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2019 Miao Sisters’ Meal Festival Tour
April 19–21, 2019
Experience the wonderful culture of the Miao Sisters’ Meal Festival with our fabulous tour! Enjoy the colourful cultural event and admire the traditions of the Miao ethnic minority!
About Sisters’ Meal Festival
The Sisters’ Meal Festival is also otherwise known as “Oriental Valentine’s Day”, on this day mother’s take pride in dressing their daughters in the most exquisitely embroidered Miao costumes and intricate silver head dressings and ornaments, in the Miao culture the more silver ornaments that are worn, the more beautiful the girl is.
About Sisters’ Meal Festival
Sisters’ Rice
Sisters’ Rice
“Sisters” refers to unmarried women, who would traditionally harvest rice around this time of year from the terraced fields to prepare a dish called “Sisters’ Rice” - a special rice dish coloured blue, pink, yellow and green.
Traditional activities include horse racing, traditional Miao performances, and Lusheng music. The colourful traditional dresses and performance of local dance and music, the Sister’s Meal Festival is a wonderful experience.
6 Days
Sisters Meal Festival Photography Tour
Photographers visit Kaili and Shidong for the Sisters Meal Festival. The Miao Girls dress up and all relatives are...
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Sisters Meal Festival 6 Days Photography Tour
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