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See Best Autumn Foliage in Beijing and Gubei Water Town
Beijing Autumn
Beijing Autumn
Don't miss the autumn season in Beijing which is the best time to see fall foliage and observe leaf color change! Around October and November, Beijing's autumn has the most spectacular scenery of glorious gold and red colors along the Great Wall, mountains, gardens and city streets.
Gubei Water Town is one of the attractions that offers some picturesque autumn views in Beijing. Right under the Simatai Great Wall section, Gubei Water Town has astounding views of the fall foliage, which is even more remarkable against the crystal clear water. Plan a perfect getaway to Gubei Water Town where you can explore its beauty by walking, hiking and by boat.
Join our tours and discover the joys of Beijing in autumn, from the Great Wall to Gubei Water Town!
Gubei Water Town
Water Town
Gubei Water Town is one of the must-see places for viewing red leaves during the autumn season.
Simatai section of the Great Wall is impressive when surrounded by fall colors.
Summer Palace
As the weather cools, nothing beats a leisurely stroll at China's most beautiful royal garden.
Beijing Hutongs
Beijing Hutongs allow you to avoid the crowds and make it easy to explore the stunning foliage.
Halal Restaurants
Halal Restaurants
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