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Muslim2China offers the most authentic Xian tours that will take you to the best tourist attractions and offers a range of genuine Shaanxi Cuisine which is 100% Halal! Discover the wonderful historical heritage and Muslim culture behind one of the oldest cities in China!
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top xian attractions
Top Xian Attractions
● Ancient City Wall - Xian Ancient City Wall remains one of the best preserved city wall in China.
● Terracotta Army - The Terracotta Army is a collection of thousands of terracotta sculptures of warriors, chariots and horses depicting the army of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.
● Big Wild Goose Pagoda - The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is built in the style of the Tang Dynasty, the use of grey bricks, glazed roofs and decorated with artistic engravings.
● Muslim Street - The antique style architectures and authentic religious Muslim lifestyle are what to see and experience at the Muslim Street.
Mosques in Xian
mosques in xian
Xi'an, known Chang'an in the ancient being the great ancient capital in China, is one of the place to first introduce Islam into China. During the Tang Dynasty, messengers from the Arab region and Persia coming to Changan to pay tributes to the Tang Dynasty were mostly Muslims. Later they settled down in Chang'an and...
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xian culture & history
Islam was introduced into China through the Arab merchants of the Silk Road and has now become one of the prominent religions of Xian. During the prosperous Tang Dynasty the Great Mosque in Xian was built to honor the founders of Islam in China. The culture and history of Xian is heavily influenced by the Silk Road as the city played a key role in trading between the Middle East and Europe.
Xian Culture & History
halal food & restaurants in xian
Halal Food & Restaurants in Xian
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