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Islam in China can date back to the Tang Dynasty and to this day has more than 1,000 years of history. Discover the different Muslim cities of China to learn more about the development, culture and history of Islam in China.

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Muslim Population: 13.4 million
Number of Mosques: 24,000
Idkah Mosque:
• Built in 1442 Idkah Mosque has over 500years of history.
• The mosque covers over 16,800 square meters.
• 7,000 people attend the mosque each Friday.
• The mosque adopts Arabic design and architecture.
Muslim Population: 2.5 million
Number of Mosques: 4000
Donguan Mosque:
• Dongguan Mosque constructed in 1380 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
• Officially rebuilt in 1913 and expanded in 1946.
• The mosque went through the final renovation in 1979.
Muslim Population: 1.37 million
Number of Mosques: 2,500
Xiguan Mosque:
• Xiguan Mosque is one of the major mosques in Lanzhou of Gansu Province.
• Xiguan Mosque was constructed during the Ming Dynasty.
• The mosque was reconstructed during the Qing Dynasty.
Muslim Population: 1.15 million
Number of Mosques: 930
Qinghai Dongguan Mosque:
• Qinghai Dongguan Mosque was built during the Ming dynasty.
• he mosque covers a total area of 11,940 square meters.
• The design of the mosque exhibits classical architecture with intricate carvings.
Muslim Population: 1.09 million
Number of Mosques: 820
Kunming Nancheng Mosque:
• Nancheng Mosque is the largest mosque in Kunming.
• The mosque was constructed during the Tang Dynasty.
• The mosque was officially rebuilt in 1996.
Muslim Population: 249,223
Beijing Muslim Communities: Niujie Street, Jiaoxi Hutong, Huashi and Madian.
Beijing Muslim Towns:
Tongzhou District Yujiawu Muslim Town and Chaoyang District Changying Muslim Town.
Muslim Population: 177,732
Number of Mosques: 53
Tianjin Mosque:
• Tianjin Great Mosque has been an important mosque during the Qing Dynasty .
• Tianjin Great Mosque is one of the greatest Arab architectures in Tianjin.
• There are ancient tablets that date back nearly 300 years.
Muslim Population: The total Muslim population of Shaanxi is 138,716. Muslims can be found in 104 counties and cities of Shaanxi Province, with the majority of the population located in Xian and Xianyang.
Shaanxi Province has a total of 118 Mosques with the most famous Xian Huajuexiang Mosque, Xian Daxuexixiang Mosque and Xian Xiaopiyuan Mosque.
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