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Beijing & Hong Kong Halal Tours
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5 Days Beijing Muslim SIC Tour
Don’t miss out on our super-affordable 5 Days Beijing SIC Tour! The tour will take you to Bejing’s famous landmarks and best sightseeing spots. For tours booked in November you can earn a huge value saving 10% discount!
Additional Activities: Skiing, make the most of the winter in Beijing by taking an exhilarating ski session at one of Beijing’s exceptional ski resorts.
From USD 130 to 117P/P
4 Days Hong Kong Halal Tour
Capture the essence of Hong Kong with this outstanding 4 days tour! Discover the city of Hong Kong and its unique culture and bustling city life. Earn a fantastic 10% discount for bookings made in November.
Additional Activities: Ocean Park, for any tour of Hong Kong taking a visit to the world famous Ocean Park is essential.
From USD 304 to 273P/P
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