Experience an authentic Muslim Tour with your family in the fabulous Pearl River Delta Region with Hong Kong and Macau as the key highlights of your trip! You can also choose to visit the beautiful Kunming with tours to the cities of Muslim origins and tours of the famous mosques!
Guangzhou & Shenzhen 4 Days Muslim
Tour (B)
Shenzhen > Guangzhou
Day 1: Guangzhou - Shenzhen (Halal Lunch + Halal
Arrived Guangzhou to Shenzhen. Shenzhen Meilin
Mosque, Luohu Commercial City.
Day 2: Shenzhen - Guangzhou (Hotel Buffet Breakfast
+ Halal Lunch + Halal Dinner)
Yuexiu Park, Five Rams Statue, Leather whole sale
market, Maqam Saad Abi Waqas, Beijing Road Shopping
Street, Pearl River Night Cruise.
Day 3: Guangzhou (Hotel Buffet Breakfast + Halal Lunch
+ Halal Dinner)
Guangzhou to Guangzhou Canton TV Tower, Xiguan
House, New Lychee Wan River, Shang Xia JiuShopping
Day 4: Guangzhou (Hotel Buffet Breakfast + Halal
Onelink wholesale market, Haiyin Electronic market.
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Hong Kong Magic 4 Days Muslim Tour
Hong Kong > Macau
Day 1: Hong Kong (No Meal)
Arrival at Hong Kong.
Day 2: Hong Kong (Halal Breakfast + Halal Lunch
Hong Kong Disneyland Tour.
Day 3: Hong Kong - Macau (Halal Breakfast + Galaxy
Hotel Lunch Coupon)
Hong Kong to Macau City Tour.
Day 4: Hong Kong (Halal Breakfast)
Departure from Hong Kong.
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Kunming ,Shadian & Jianshui 5 Days
Muslim Tour
Kunming > Shadian > Jianshui
Day 1: Kunming (Halal Dinner)
Arrive in Kunming
Day 2: Kunming - Shadian (Breakfast + Halal Lunch +
Jiuxiang Scenic Spot
Day 3: Shadian - Jianshui (Breakfast + Halal Lunch +
Great Mosque of Shadian
Day 4: Jianshui - Kunming (Breakfast + Halal Lunch +
Jianshui Old Town, Zhu's Garden
Day 5: Kunming (Breakfast)
Depart from Kunming
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Hong Kong and Macau Muslim Quality
Holiday 4 Days Tour
Hong Kong > Macau
Day 1: Hong Kong - Macau (No Meal)
Arrive in Hong Kong - Macau.
Day 2: Macau city tour - Hong Kong (Hotel Buffet
Breakfast + Buffet Lunch)
Na Tcha Temple, Section of the Old City Walls, Museum
of Macau (included entrance), Mount Fortress, Temple of
A-Ma, Macau Tower (included entrance).
Day 3: Hong Kong free Day (Hotel Buffet Breakfast)
You can also choose to join our Disneyland, Ocean Park
or 360 Lantau Tour.
Day 4: Hong Kong (Hotel Buffet Breakfast)
Depart from Hong Kong.
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Macau & Zhuhai 4 Days City Tour From $ 138 p/p > Book & Details
*Terms & Conditions  
1. 4 Adults can bring 2 children for free during the school holiday 1st Nov to 31st Dec 2014.
2. One travel agency only can get 4 children for free for same date package tour.
1. Child travelling for free must be under 12 years old. A copy of the child’s passport is required.
2. Child does not have own bed, if an extra bed is required costs will be incurred.
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