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The Best Places to Dance Your Heart Out in Hong Kong

The Best Places to Dance Your Heart Out in Hong Ko...

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Pack your dancing shoes with you when you visit Hong Kong. In between the endless rounds of Dim Sum, sightseeing, and market trawling, you will find yourself drawn to the beats of the city, and there is no better way to express that than to dance your heart out. Whatever your style is, you will find a place where you can groove to the beat of your heart. Volar This is your pl...
The Pearl River Delta Live

The Pearl River Delta Live


The Pearl River Delta, a region almost twice the size of Wales comprising nine Mainland cities, plus the SARs of Macau and Hong Kong, is understandably a vibrant place: Home to around 60 million people, the clinking of commerce and clanking of industry echoes across the delta plains. But another kind of sound can be heard in the Chinese Deep South, more subtle, ambient and occ...
What to do in Shenzhen after the lights go out - Shenzhen Nightshades

What to do in Shenzhen after the lights go out - S...


Unsurprisingly, given its wealth, youth and cosmopolitan character, Shenzhen has plenty of great drinking options for night owls. Indeed, the city is home to several popular party spots – and they evolve fast. Keeping up with the Shenzhen night scene can be a tough business in of itself. After all, the local economy over the past three decades has grown as much as 25% per annu...
The Best Films to Get in the Mood for Hong Kong

The Best Films to Get in the Mood for Hong Kong

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The thought of Hong Kong cinema brings to mind Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and lots of adrenalin-pumping Kung Fu scenes. While that may be the stereotype, Hong Kong's film industry is a lot more than just fist and knee action. For starters, there are your kung fu/mafia films if you must have them, but with a large dose of humor or with a real meaty storyline with great screenp...
Macau Studio City Entertainment

Macau Studio City Entertainment


Macau Studio City is the latest casino addition to the Cotai Strip and it takes the term luxury to a whole new level. The casino was opened on 27th October 2015. Studio City is the first casino in Macau to incorporate film, entertainment and fantasy into one building. The design team behind Macau Studio City is the LA based design team that also designed Macau Galaxy Resort. T...
Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong

Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong

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Cantonese Opera is one of the famous opera performances in Hong Kong . Cantonese Opera is a kind of traditional Chinese art involving with singing, dancing, martial arts, acrobatics, and acting. The history of Cantonese Opera originated in Foshan in Ming Dynasty. After many years development and innovation, Cantonese use a lot of folk melodies, popular songs, modern instrument...
Celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

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Chinese New Year is one of the star studded festivals of Hong Kong. There are endless activities and entertainment available meaning tourists are spoilt for choice during the colorful New Year. Below are some of the best options available whilst touring Hong Kong during Chinese New Year. Hong Kong Disneyland Chinese New Year at Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the most unforge...
Seac Pai Van Park in Macau

Seac Pai Van Park in Macau


Seac Pai Van Park is located besides the Shi Paiwan Road, in the northwest of Luhuan Island in Macau , also one of the largest country park in the city. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a beautiful park at the first place. Firstly used as a big farm about 40 years ago, it was home to many orphans raised by some kind and nice priests. In 1985, the Macau government decided to chan...
Tunbao Ground Opera – A Blend Of Military And Agriculture Life Style

Tunbao Ground Opera – A Blend Of Military And Agri...


Tunbao or Tunpus are unrecognized ethnic community living in Guizhou province in People's Republic of China. They are descended from the Han ethnic community who belongs to the warrior sections of Ming Dynasty. Throughout the years Tunbao’s were able to maintain their cultural identity, costumes, life style and language etc, intact. The town named after Tunbao is know...
Shanghai Postal Museum

Shanghai Postal Museum


When was the last time you mailed someone a letter? I believe that was a long time ago. The word mail comes from the Medieval English word male, referring to a traveling bag or pack. It was spelled that way until the 17th century, and is distinct from the word male. With the big bang of Facebook and Twitter, traditional mailing is dropping out of sight. Now the joy of ripping...