Xibo Wetland in Hunlubuir Pasture

12/5/2014 Lemon Sights Hunlubuir 1755
Xibo Wetland is located in Hulunbuir Pasture, and it is a part of Huihe Wetland. Apart from local herdsmen, researchers and occasional travelers, few people have been there, which makes the wetland remain its natural primitive looks.

Traveling to Xibo Wetland, you will not only see and appreciate its beautiful scenery, have a great time at this peaceful vast land, also you will have chance to learn the unique local culture and experience the special lifestyle of local people.

Xibo is charming at every season with unique scenes. In spring, when the warm weather melts the snow and ice the wetland welcomes herds of horses, sheep and cows. And nomads or herdsmen move from place to place for the search of water and grass, which makes the vast land full of vigor and vitality. When summer comes, reeds in Xibo grow very tall and you will see Mongolian yurts scattered all around the wetland like stars. Autumn is the blossom season for reed, and you will enjoy the fascinating scenery of bright flowered reeds. The endless ocean of reeds is very spectacular in the glows of the sun. When winter comes, Xibo has its best stunning sight when reeds are golden and the snow is pure white. Even it is extremely cold, some photographers take the adventure to Xibo Wetland for the best scenery and photos.

Also Xibo wetland is a natural habitat and breeding ground for swans, swan geese, cormorants, wild ducks and other birds. Each spring thousands of birds arrive here and Xibo has become a paradise with cute birds. Herdsmen are very lovely as they will sing songs of prayers and throw fresh milk toward the sky to see off the birds when they fly away.

On the vast pastures around Xibo Wetland there lives some Buryats, which is an ancient Mongol tribe whose ancestors used to live in the forests or on the pastures around Baykal Lake and made a living by raising livestock and hunting. Now there remain several thousand Buryats and they still keep their original culture and custom. They do not understand Mandarin and English, so it is necessary to bring an interpreter who is familiar with Buryat language when you come for the exploration at Xibo Wetland.

Buryats people

Buryats people and their life

As Xibo Wetland is located in the Hulunbuir Pasturing Area, there are no hotels or restaurants. You can only choose to stay at herdsmen’s yurts and local settlers’ bungalows. Fortunately, local people are very hospitable and they would accept visitors even strangers without charging fees.

Xibo Wetland charges free for admission, but you have to acquire a license first at the wetland administration office before entering the wetland for appreciation. Nomadic herdsman and local settlers take bread and boodle as staples. Mutton and beef are the main non-staple food. For any vegetarians traveling to Xibo Wetland should pay attention to the fact that vegetables are rarely seen there.
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