Tips of Enjoying Macao Mount Song

10/19/2014 Young Tips Macau 2216
Macao Mount Song also known as Dongwangyang Mountain got its name because there were dense pine trees in the old days. Mount Song is located in the very middle of Macao, which is the highest mountain in Macao, with the altitude of about 90 meters above sea level. The hill was clothed in various kinds of fresh green trees.

Through a series of repairing by the Macao government, Mount Song could be divided into two healthy paths as well as the relaxation square, with the addition of the lighthouse and research observatory in Mount Song. You could enjoy the beauty of the whole Macao along the way. All of them could make Mount Song become really a fine place that can be enjoyed by young and old.

It also allows having a pleasant and exciting holiday time when the family is out. It could be an area that a tourist must go. There's one road around the mountain halfway up the Mount Song. Several Fengyu pavilions are dotted around it here and there, with a tree-lined road and the soothing breezes slowly blowing this way.

The soughing of the wind in the pines, birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers have been tremendously rustic charm. If you move in a circle, you could look round the beautiful landscape of the whole city. The scenery throughout the year could vary according to the season. It's also more or less varied in one day. The radiant morning sun that brightened up the mountain is rising in the sky.

The golden birds are singing in the west, the rosy sunset burning across the mountain, and the sky shining like copper. Woods and forests that glow with rosy sunset could make people generate the good intentions of the setting sun appearing sublime.

There're several mountain-climbing paths to introduce:

1. Go up from the Dongwangyang side-road that is very long and sloping, which could make a fair proportion of people regard as dangerous road. However, visitors generally are mostly driving the motorcycles or cars. Among which a fair number of young people climb Mount Song through the road as warming up of starting running.

2. Go straight up from Erlonghou Park, come straight to the entrance of Erlonghou park and you would see the stone stairs, go up along the stone stairs and you could reach Mount Song. There're a lot of elders climbing up the mountain and doing morning sports every morning.

3. Start from the road on the left side of the open teahouse inside the park. Erlonghou Park is provided with the only open teahouse. There is one path on its left side that can go directly to Mount Song.

4. Cable car on the mountaintop. You could get on the cable car on the top of Mount Song that was opened to traffic in 1998, and directly access the healthy path of Mount Song. And it's only about five minute's drive from here. Apart from saving your breath to climb up the mountain, you could even appreciate the beautiful scenery of the whole Erlonghou Park. 
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