Temple of Five Lords - Wugong Ci

10/9/2014 Meixuan Sights Haikou 1793
Five kilomters from the centre of Haikou City is The Temple of Five Lords or Wugong Ci as called in Chinese language. The temple was constructed by Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty who ruled in 1368 - 1644. It had undergone period renewals and major renovation work was done during the Qing Dynasty in 1644-1911. The Five Officials Temple is a well known tourist destination and is known for peace, beauty and tranquility.

Cluster of halls:
The temple’s structure is a standing example of architectural beauty of Mind and Qing Dynasties and periodical renovations has maintained its architectural qualities. The temple complex constitutes mainly the Five Lords Ancestral Hall, Hairui and Fubo memorial temples, the Sugong Memorial Temple, Xuepu Tang, Guanjia Tang hall and Hairui hall. Out of these Xuepu Tang is studying hall and Guanjia Tang hall is watching crop hall. The complex is spread in area of 2,800 square meters.

Read the inscriptions:
Out of all these temple structures, the Five Lords Ancestral hall is the main important building and also considered as the "No. 1 Building" in Hainan, despite the fact that the building is constructed with wooden materials. The main hall of the building is placed with five notable officials Zhao Ding, Li Guang, Hu Quan, Li Deyu and Li Gang, who were banished during Tang and Song Dynasty. Next to these you can see two engraved pillars inscribing the details of thee officials and their exemplarily contributions. You can also see the inscribed stone tables depicting the details of Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty.

Civil activist Su Dongpo:
Another interesting hall in the complex is the Sugong Temple, which is located in the east side of Temple of Five Lords. The temple was constructed to honor the civil contribution done by Su Dongpo, who was great poet and social activist of that time. When the villagers faced water scarcity, under his patronage two springs were dug and the local people constructed this beautiful temple. One of the springs is still exists and is a center of tourist attraction.

Beautiful garden:
Moving further to the right side of the Temple of Five Lords, you can see the beautifully cropped garden, with various fresh flowers, rare plants and trees. Lot of attention is given to the place by the authorities to enhance the greenery appearance which gives tourist a cool, quite, scintillating and relaxing experience. The serenity of atmosphere is further enhanced with the conscious efforts. The ambience is pretty tranquilizing and cool. There are two buildings here, the Wugong Jingshe and Xuepu Tang. Xuepu Tang has rich history and here is the place the famous scholar Guo Wanxiang gave lectures to his disciples. The other hall, Wugong Jingshe was used by students to learn literature and historical works.

Travel Tips:
It is easy to reach to temple complex from Haikou city. Tourist can have convenient taxi service to the temple complex or can reach to the temple complex by regular bus services. The city Haikou is well connected by road, rail and air service from all major cities of China. Entry fee is CNY 20 per head.

There is a museum near to the Temple of Five Lords from where visitors can have the important information about history and famous people who were associated with the Temple complex and also the history of Hainan Province. Hope, you will have wonderful time at Temple of Five Lords!
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