Shuanglong Gorge of Beijing

11/20/2014 sonrisabai Tours Beijing 2233
Don’t want to travel all the way to find some place with beautiful natural scenery? Hating the hard effort you might take in the trip? If that so, I got a perfect place for you. It is only about 78 meters kilometers of Beijing, the capital city of China. It could be a nice relax spot after viewing the majestic Great Wall. It is the Shuanglong Xia, means Double dragon valley in English. This tourist spot got particularly popular in recent years for its great view.

Here you can find everything you want for a perfect trip in the wild, the mountain, the river, forests, waterfalls, mixing together as one. The highest peak of the mountain is called The Old Dragon Nest, around 1646 meters above the sea level. Better, there are many waterfall in the area, 2 huge ones with 29 meters height difference, then countless small waterfall left. In autumn the falling leaves would join the water flow and fall out from the mountain, hanging in the air for a short while, very awesome scene to look at.

Marching forward from the first ice waterfall, there is a 10 kilometers distance that is completely icy. Tourists would have to wear shoes with nails under, despite the danger of walking on ice, it is of great fun for sure. When it comes to the second ice waterfall, it is paradise for ice climbing lovers, as well as photographers. The view is definitely going to blow your mind. Just be careful to keep whatever tips from the tour guide, safety is always the top priority.

The plants here are so many to the point that vines and bushes entwine together and form a giant natural plants galley.Walking in the valley along the river, with lush vines above the head, this whole scene reminds me a scene I once seen in the movie Alice in Wonderland. Like a wall made from plants, the vines keep you away from the outside, the chaos world. The vision and atmosphere just feel so unreal, I guess that is just another work of art made by nature. There is so much you can do for a nice day out, fishing besides the river, taking a lovely picnic inside the camp, having an exciting grass sliding, sailing around the lake and maybe dozing off on the boat for a moment.

What I like most about Shuanglong valley is not the breath-taking scenery though, it is the small trains cruising through woods that captures my heart. The name is very lovely-The Oriental Red. Sitting in the train and cruise around, with lakes and mountains flash besides you, fresh cool air brushing your face very softly, sunshine casting warmly on your shoulder, with a peaceful yet joyful heart, could this get any better? Normally I hate the sound of trains but here it is more like the melody of the nature, singing such the vibrant view out loud. Maybe everything that suits the mood feels right.
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