Qiangtang Nature Reserve in Qinghai

12/30/2014 Young Sights Qinghai 2929
Qiangtang Nature Reserve located in Qinghai has an average elevation of more than 5,000 meters above sea level is located on the top step with the highest terrain in our country, which is called as the roof of the "Roof of the World." is Qiangtang that is one of China's five large pastures is located between Kunlun mountains, the Tanggula Mountains and the Gangdisi Mountains.


Qiangtang Nature Reserve is not only the paradise of wild animals and plants, but also the fertile cultural ground with the deep sediments. Before the second half of the twentieth century, there was none who made his permanent residence there. The nature reserve has very rich wildlife resources. It's one natural wildlife park with more than 100 kinds of wild animals, among which over 40 kinds of them under first class protection and under second class protection.


And the Tibetan antelope, wild yaks, Tibetan wild donkey, black-necked crane and Tibetan snowcock are species peculiar to this Qiangtang Nature Reserve. It's the second largest nature reserve in our country, which is equally the world's second-largest land nature reserve that ranks second only to Greenland National Park, also the nature reserve with the highest average elevation. Its main protection species are the unique and best-preserved alpine ecosystem and many kinds of large ungulate.


Qiangtang Nature Reserve is the representative place of highland desert ecosystems. Here it's not only blessed with lakes dotted around like stars in the sky, the limitless grassland with an open spaces, snowcapped mountains and glaciers, but also the endangered species of wild fauna and flora. Large and small lakes scattered about in every direction not only moisten the whole Qiangtang plateau, but also the most beautiful and attractive scenery line of Qiangtang Plateau.


Qiangtang Nature Reserve is the home to the largest number of the plateau and lake districts in the world with the highest surface of the lake. Qiangtang Nature Reserve includes the simple vegetation types with mainly the alpine cold desert steppe. The unequivocal flatness of the grassland was filled with yaks and sheep which the herdsmen depend for survival.


Wherever you look, you see flocks of fat sheep, herds of cattle and horses grazing over this pastureland. The canvas as the important habitat for herdsmen were now seen everywhere. Herdsmen created the dreamy and colorful nomadic culture. Here you could not only the far-away ancient stone inscriptions, but also many remains of the ancient Shang-Shung kingdom.


The tracks and the story of the hero of King Gesar spread throughout the north Tibet's pasture areas. Sutra streamers and Mani stone mounds put up by devout believers can be seen everywhere here, which could add an air of sorcery to the vast prairie. This ancient track of Tang and Tibet could run through the place in the north-south direction.


There're the most fantastic plateau landforms, complex geologic types, many glaciers and lakes, a large number of beautifully preserved geological traces in the preserve, which are of great value to open up the scientific expedition tourism and ecotourism. 

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