Pretty Boundry Village Baihaba

11/3/2014 sonrisabai Activities Habahe 1637
Baihaba Village is located in the northwest corner of Habahe county, Xinjiang Province, about 117 kilometers from the center of the county, 33 kilometers from the praries. The village is wrapped with snow mountains on both sides, and grasslands and white birch forests. No wonder it is on the lists of eight most beautiful towns in China. The best time of visiting here is the autum. Everything is covered with golden color, it becomes a paradise of the yellow.

The journey to Baihaba be a little tough. Starting from the county center, you have to take 8 hours bus to get there. It is not very faraway, only about 120 kilometersbut the road is way to bumpy to drive. Despite the growing population of tourists in recent years, Baihaba village still is in good keep of primitive styles and features, a perfect combination of the original nature and ancient culture.

When we just arrive in the village, a huge herd of cattles and sheep walking by, in a lazy way. Among them there are a few camels with some bags on their back. This is something can only be seen from here. Most of the villagers are Tuwa people, an ethnic minorities of China. The history of Tuwa people can be traced back to 400 years ago, they live by the lake, making a life through nomadism and hunting. Each and every Tuwa people is bold and fearless, all good at horse riding, skii and singing and dancing.

Wooden house is scattered on the mountain foot and some flat areas. Looking at the distance, it might appear somewhat like European county house. But if you go near, it is another view. Now they still live life in an old way such us fencing livestock outside the house. On the top of every house there is a small space used for storing livestock feed and dry meat. You have to look pretty hard to locate their houses among the beautiful golden pine forests.

You would never find chaos in this lovely village. Life here is peaceful and everything is in perfect harmony. If you pay a visit to local villager’s house, you would feel like walking into a delicate exhibition room. Beautifully-made wool blanket on bed, embroidery tapestry hang on the wall, in the middle of the house, there is a refined stove. Outside the village, there is Kazakhstan on the other side of the valley. At night everything is quiet, only some dim lights in the village, having a nice dinner at the locals is the best experience ever.

The primary school of the village is simply built as well, only using some wooden fence as a wall. In the morning I could see some pupils walking into the school happily. Later we take a car driving by Tuwa guy and went to the border of China and Kazakhstan. Besides the Baihaba river stands a boundary tablet, small it might seems but it is sacred for it symobilizes the dignity of the country. Crystal clear river flowing joyfully below, we stand there for a while, saving this precious moment.
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