Haikou - A Beautiful Tourist Destination in Southern China

10/9/2014 Meixuan Sights Haikou 1956

Being the capital of Hainan Province, which is part of People's Republic of China and the second largest island, Haikou is known for its diverse tourist attractions. Haikou is also known as the 'Coconut City', is blessed with crystal clear water and pristine sand beaches are indeed a beautiful sunbath location. It is the pulsing hub of local economy, and multiple transport activities and strong cultural heritage. Haikou is situated in the west bank estuary of Nandu River, which is in the northern end of Hainan Island. Nandu River is the longest river in the Island and the meaning of city stands for 'Mouth of the Sea'.

Excellent beaches:
Neat and excellent beach covering three side of the city makes the city a wonderful sea beach resort location. There are so many famous beach locations you can see here and out these Holiday Beach is one of the best for recreation and leisure activities. Another equally good beach is Xixiu Beach, where you can find so many training facilities for windsurfing and sailing activities. There will be aqua sport competitions especially for sailing and windsurfing on a regular basis.

Remarkable city layouts:
The city is remarkably neat and maintained perfectly with international standards. Roads are excellent and layouts are beautifully created. All the roads are designed with promenades, where tourist can walk carelessly losing in the crowds. Streets are beautified with coconut palms planted in lines along both side of the road. The environment is natural in look and yet modern. Maximum care has taken to maintain the city as a pollution free city. Public transport service system is one of the best in the world, because of that commuters would find it always very easy to move from one point to other. If you have tourist map, you can be anywhere in the city without any third party's help.

Apart from the leisure activities, there are so many important historical places one should not miss to visit. These places are not simply historical in nature but they are hot tourist destination too. The Temple of Five Lords, the Tomb of Hai Rui and the wonderful Xiuying Emplacement are a must see locations in the city.

Leisure activities:
Leisure, enjoyment, recreation, casinos, bars, massage centers, foot outlets, shopping are always seducing cynosures for tourists. You will definitely find your choice of interest in this warm city. Sea foots and ethnic foods are famous, so you should not miss to taste the savor of these temping local food. There are so many western food outlets are also available in every nook and corner. If you are particular in looking for the local delicacies, you should not miss Dongshan Mutton, Wenchang Chicken, Hele Crab and Jiaji Duck. The weather is so tangible for cultivation. Because of the good climate, you can find varieties of fruits such as jack fruits, pineapples, mangos, lichee, loquat, naseberry, passion fruit, betel nut, pawpaw and longan. Of course, never miss to try tender coconut.

Travel tips:
Travelling to Haikou is not a big issue. The city is well connected with air, road and rail service. You can also have steamer service too. The island is connected mainland through bridges, which shows the engineering skills of China. The island is connected directly with the rest of the world through Hainan Meilan Airport. Similarly the island is connected by road and railways. This is one of the best hot tourist destinations in Southern China. Enjoy your holidays at Haikou.

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