Guizhou-Guangzhou High Speed Railway

12/30/2014 Young News Guangzhou 3143

Guangzhou-Guizhou High Speed Railway is also called Guiguang Special Passenger Line, which had the path from Guiyang North Railway Station, through Qiannan Prefecture of Guizhou, Southeast Guizhou, Guangxi Guilin, Guangxi Hezhou, Guangdong Zhaoqing, Guangdong Foshan and finally to Guangzhou North Railway Station.

Guangzhou-Guizhou High Speed Railway is the most convenient way of the main railway passageway to the sea in China's southwestern region. Guiguang Special Passenger Line is the high-speed channel of the interconnection between the Yangtze River economic belt, Pearl River economic belt, Xijiang River economic belt and the Economic Corridor from China to Bombay, Myanmar and India. Guangzhou-Guizhou High Speed Railway had the check and acceptance of the whole line on December 20, 2014.


The whole line of Guiguang Special Passenger Line had the commencement of commercial operation that was opened to traffic officially on December 26, 2014. The opening stations along the road are 22 stations including Guiyang North Railway Station, Guiyang Station, Longli North Railway Station, Changming Station, Tuyun Station, Sandu Station, Rongjiang Station, Congjiang Station, Sanjaing Station, Wutong Station, Guilin West Railway Station, Guilin North Railway Station, Yangshuo Station, Gongcheng Station, Zhongshan Station, Hezhou Station, Huaiji Station, Guangning Station, Zhaoqing East Railway Station, Sanshui South Railway Station, Foshan West Railway Station and Guangzhou North Railway Station.

The whole line is the double-line electric railway. The tourist spots that the Guiguang Special Passenger Line passed are Jiaxiu building, the Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall, Sanjiang Great Tong Village, the Lijiang River in Guilin, Gupo Mountain and many more. The favourable impact on society caused by the High Speed Railway is very great.

After the project is completed, 22 hours by train from Guiyang to Guangzhou would be narrowed into less than 4 hours for the passengers. Before the completion of Guiguang High Speed Railway, if you want to travel from Guiyang to Guangzhou, you should first go the Hunan and Guizhou line eastward to Zhuzhou, and then changed the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway to go down south at Guangzhou. This is not just time-consuming but also caused much larger burdens to the already overburdened Beijing-Guangzhou Railway.

However, Guiguang High Speed Railway directly applies a straight line through Guangxi Guilin, Guangxi Hezhou and many more, goes through to Guangzhou South Railway Station as the railway terminal of Guangzhou. The time is considerably reduced, but also makes a significant contribution to the burdens of the related lines.

The building of Guiguang High Speed Railway would bring the earnest concern of Guilin tourism from all parties. Guilin is the important tourist destination on the international golden travel line from Guangzhou-Guilin-Guiyang-Kunming-Bangkok. Guiguang High Speed Railway has brought the new opportunity of transcendental economic development to Guilin.

After the opening of Guiguang High Speed Railway, its preliminary project is with 20 pairs of trains running on it every day. The departure interval is about 1 hour. Most of these trains go Guangzhou and back. If the train stops at every station, it may take 5 hours to go from Guiyang to Guangzhou. If this train is direct in one line, it may only need 4 hours. Tickets of Guiguang High Speed Railway are highly competitive, with the journey of over 200 RMB not more than 250 RMB. 

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