Guangzhou Specialties

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Guangzhou’s catering has always been regarded as the best in mainland of China, and has a large number of experienced old and famous shops, as well as the new boutiques, including the numerous traditional and new dishes, famous snacks, and flavor food.

Guangzhou cuisine is the representative of Cantonese cuisine, with tea and soup as its major featured food, which is also a unique local food culture. Most delicious and authentic restaurants are concentrated in the old city (Yuexiu District Liwan District, Haizhu District), Panfu Road, Jiangnan West Road, Huifu East Road, Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street and other places.

Baiyun trotter
Baiyun trotter is one of Guangzhou traditional dishes, fat but not greasy, crisp, and fresh. This dish is available in general restaurants in Guangzhou, and Baiyun trotter in the restaurant on the peak of Baiyun Mountain is the most delicious.
Baiyun trotter

Tingzai Porridge
Tingzai Porridge is a kind of Cantonese porridge, and is made with fish, fried peanuts and other ingredients. This dish was original made on the river of Lichee Bay. The porridge taste creamy and sweet, suitable for all tastes.
Tingzai Porridge

Eight Treasures Melon Soup
Eight Treasures Melon Soup is a kind of soup in summer. The melon is used as the container when making the soup, so the soup got its name, when eating the dish, slowly scraped the fresh melon with a spoon, don’t put soy sauce. This dish is aesthetically pleasing, light and delicious, so is good to eat in the hot summertime.
Eight Treasures Melon Soup

Claypot Rice
Claypot cooking is a technique of cooking food, and the Guangdong's traditional cuisine. There are totally 20 kinds of Cantonese-style claypot flavor cooking, such as sausages, mushrooms slippery chicken, tempeh ribs, liver, roast duck, plain chicken and so on. Claypot Rice is the food in an unglazed clay pot which has been soaked in water so as to release steam during the cooking process. Typically, an unglazed clay pot is submerged for 15 to 30 minutes to absorb water before cooking, then filled with the food and placed into an oven. The walls of the pot help to diffuse the heat, and as the pot warms it releases the water as steam.
Claypot Rice

Roast Goose
Roast goose is a traditional grill roast meat in Guangzhou. Derived from roast duck, roast goose is in golden red color, and delicious taste. There are many roast goose shops in the markets.
Roast Goose

Pork tripe stew chicken
Pork tripe stew chicken, or Pork bellies chicken pot, is an essential soup before the banquet for Hakka people in Guangzhou region, with a rich aroma of herbs and pepper.
Pork tripe stew chicken

Beef Offal
Beef offal is one kind of food stew with beef, cow offal and other offal for several hours. You can eat the beef offal in many ways, such as offal hotpot, offal seafood, offal string offal etc.
Beef Offal

Double-skin Pudding
Double-skin pudding is also known as Shuangpinai, and as its name, contains double-skin made from milk and egg white and sugar. This snack is one of Guangzhou people's favorite. 
Double-skin pudding

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