Enchanting Night of the Pearl River

11/12/2013 chloe Sights Guangzhou 3369

Autumn is another cozy and pleasant season for vacation and relaxing. In such a cool weather, it is not a bad choice to go out for a walk near The Pearl River with family or friends. I guess most people, both local people and visitors, are familiar with The Pearl River since it is one of the longest rivers in China, flowing through several provinces. Ten years ago, it has already been selected as the marvelous Eight Sights of Guangzhou.

Among the countless rivers in our country, The Pearl River is ranked as the third longest river, second only to Yangtze River and Yellow River. Measured about 1376 miles long, it is really hard to define which province The Pearl River belongs to, we can only say that the water finally converges in Guangzhou and then flows into the south China Sea. Actually, The Pearl River can be divided into four main river systems, the East River, the Liuxi River, the West River and the North River.

With the booming of culture and economy in Guangzhou Society, The Pearl River has become a must for visitors to go. A common saying said one may not be considered to have traveled to Guangzhou if he or she has not experienced the fantastic scenery of The Pearl River. The Pearl River is a marvelous place to go no matter during the daytime or evening. Just standing near the river, different kinds of historical sites and old buildings will come to your sight, telling you the flourish history and tradition of Guangzhou City. Specially, the White Goose Pool, also called “Night Moon over the Goose Pool” is a highlight among all these antique architectures. Here the green jade color of water will surprise you, because the sun in the daytime and moon by night can be reflected in its hues. As the largest part of the river, the pool water is like a precious jade, clear and green. During festive days, such as the Spring Festival and Mid-autumn Day, a variety of cerebrated activities are held here. Usually, the happy fireworks and shining lights will light up the deep night sky and bring about good luck and happiness to the visitors.

Besides, night cruise of The Pearl River is so enchanting that you should never miss. While the night is approaching, the fascinated lights are on from the White Goose Pool to the Guangzhou Bridge. It seems that you are wandering in a fairy tale, romantic and charming. To appreciate the nighttime of The Pearl River, you can either travel on foot or by boat. It is worth to mention that travelling by boat on the Pearl River will never let you down for there are more than 30 places to explore during the cruise.

Tips: 1. the night cruise of the Pearl River will normally take you 1-2 hours. 2. The boats are available along the Pearl River for the visitors to enjoy the charming night scenery on both banks. 

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