Enchanting Ailike Lake in Xinjiang

10/20/2014 Young Sights Xinjiang 1975
Ailike Lake is about 16 kilometers to the southeast of Demon City that is located in Wuerhe over 100 kilometers from Xinjiang's Kelamayi. It is well known that Demon City is very renowned for the unique and wind erosion physiognomy. Ailike Lake is collected from Baiyanghe River. Ailike Lake had existed for at least 1,300 years, which was the only lake in Xinjiang's Kelamayi.

The gentle breeze ripples the surface of the lake. There's the fish leaping out of water on vast expanses of marsh. Ailike Lake is the haunt of the wild boar and antelope. On every side were wooded mountain tops, the crisscrossed farmland, which had naturally formed the beautiful picture of the desert and beautiful tints of lake, which was once referred to as one bright pearl on the sands of the Gobi.

Here one could get a glimpse of the far-reaching blue lake and a body of crystal clear water, with the fishermen singing in the evening. On the south side of the lake is the green grass that looks like a carpet, cattle and sheep found everywhere in the wilderness, smoke spiraling from kitchens and a whole forest of the yurts. On its north side is the vastness of the extending and gently rolling Gurbantunggut Desert.

There're the great green boughs of the Euphrates Poplar Forests in the beauty spot. The tough juniper tamarisk is possessing graceful poise. The wild fishes might well distribute across the lake. There're a great number of water fowls singing merrily in the lakeside wetland. The lake district is the only breeding ground for marble ducks. The periphery of the lake is the color stone beach about hundreds of miles away.

The green color ceased suddenly. Visitors could lift the eyes at the distance, and view the lake that was flecked with the fiery colors of agate jasper and wonderful stones with different shapes and wonderful colors. Ailike Lake has a high reputation of being the bright pearl on the sands of the Gobi. There's the paved county road that runs from the Devil's Town to the side of the lake.

There are the Locust trees of the remotest time on the eastern shore and a crude hut growing with grass, which could give visitors a heavy feeling of the passage of time. Standing at the south end of the lake, the sand-hills of Gurbantunggut Desert are continuous and unbroken, which had received great praise from people.

Standing in the south of the lake, the white felt yurts in twos and threes of the Mongolian people are scattered unequally over the lakeside. The sweet young ladies of Mongol nationality are selling yoghurt. The fisherman is rowing the boat. What a charming pastoral scene it is!

Especially the colorful stones beach that extends for several miles had the rare stones with different shapes that are scattered all around together. On the north of the lake is the wetland and the green paddy reeds where inhabit the swans, white egrets, wild ducks and many aquatic birds. The undeveloped Ailike Lake scenic spot still keeps the natural and simple natural landscape. 
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