Charming Yaze Lake in Xinjiang

10/10/2014 Young Sights Xinjiang 1824
Yaze Lake is located south of Kanas village within the territory of Mongol nationality. It's composed of the Oxbow Lake marshes that are the meandering and discarded reach after the mysterious Kanas Lake changed its course, shaped like the long butterfly. It had formed the shallow and wide lake that runs north and south between towering ranges of mountains along the southernmost point of the depression, shaped like the butterfly that connects a body of the crystal clear water and swamp wetland together.

It has an area of about 1.3 square kilometers. Yaze Lake is located in the Kanas Lake scenic spot in the Burqin County of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Yaze Lake is about 1 kilometer away from the Kanas Tuvas village. On the west it faces the Kanas Lake. It is surrounded on all sides by the dense forest. The bituminous highway communicates with the gravel highway.

The lake rises 1,350 meters above sea level. The lake is shaped like the long butterfly. The surface of the lake could cover an area of about 13,000 square meters, about 3 kilometers long, about 600-800 meters in width. It's very broad and gentle around the lake. The water was glassy and motionless that mirrored all the trees on both banks. There're huge numbers of wild ducks in summer.

A flight of geese inhabited and hovered about in the Lake District where they lived and multiplied on this land. A great variety of the fowls inhabited on the still water of the lake, the surrounding spacious swamp wetland and broad valley prairie. Crowds of wild ducks, wild geese and swans frequently had dropped in the place. They ranged up and down at leisure on the tranquil surface of the lake.

When the great flock of wild ducks was alarmed, then the individual and a large number of ducks would fly away one after another. The wings patted the water, which was quite a sight to be seen. Cattle and sheep were prowling about over an immense extent of moor and meadow at leisure. This region is sprinkled with yurts of the Mongolian people under the blue sky.

Meanwhile, outside every cottage and in front of their tents, smoke is spiraling from kitchen chimneys, which had created the gigantic natural landscape painting with white clouds and green hill. The scenery was truly a feast for the eyes. There's meadow and marsh, a vast extent of grassland on its north or around the lake.

The green pasture embraced the placid and beautiful water of the lake like mirrors. There's the heap of stones on the grassland uplands overlooking the river in the northwest of Yaze Lake. That's "Aobao." Tuvas people would develop the regular sacrificed activities every year and celebrate a festival of Aobao.

They energetically claimed that the domestic animals are very thriving. They hold the religious creed of Tibetan Buddhism, yet the original Asian shamanism also influenced them greatly. Here visitors could feel strongly the vivid life atmosphere of Tuvas people. 
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