Black River Forest Park in Shaanxi

12/8/2014 Young Sights Shaanxi 2377
Black River Forest Park is located at the source of the Black River and within the territory of Zhouzhi County. Black River Forest Park with three large tourist resorts has an area of 4941 hectares with forest coverage reaching 95%. Within the scenic beauty of the thick forest inside the park, you could see the picturesque cragged peaks and the peculiar piece of stone and some other historical human tracks.


The scenic spot was pronounced Shangri-La in the north, where you could see the beautiful mountain flowers blanketing hill and dale in spring, the over foliaged trees during the summer days, the red autumn leaves all over the hill in the golden autumn and snowcapped mountain in the cold winter.


Black River Forest Park with its spectacular views and simple and natural character had caused particular concern by WWF, the organization had brought the most popular ecotourism ideas internationally and would work in partnership with the park to be in harmony with ecology conservation and sustainable development. Black River Forest Park is not only blessed with the beautiful scenes in splendid radiance at the source of Black River and the southern Taibai Mountain primitive forest, but also the ancient plank road relics and many places of cultural interest left over by the famous people in ancient times.


Moreover, Black River Forest Park is also the living and multiplied place and protection path for the precious and childlike giant panda and golden monkeys. Black River Forest Park had the beautiful scenes during the fall even in midsummer. The source of Black River is an admirable place to come to for a holiday. People flocked to the beauty spot.


Black River Forest Park is situated in the northern slope of the Qingling Mountain. Owning to the large altitudes and temperature difference, the plants layer had created the special landscape of wonderful scenery every five miles and a mantle of sky every ten miles. The path is walking along the river and the river is turning with the mountain.


Many landscapes like dangerous reefs, swift current, deep pool and the hidden valley have a dazzling effect on the eye. No one can say for sure how many men of letters in history have been to this wonderful place to enjoy the charming scenery and the seclusion it offers. Many of them had left the treasured scrolls of calligraphy or painting.


The forest is dense like the sea, which would be seldom visited by man and make people feel deeply the wonder and mysteries of nature. Black River Forest Park is a large scenic tourist area where the natural mountains and waters landscape and many places of historic figures and cultural heritage have been unitized.

There's one hidden gorge at the upper reaches of Black Dragon Pool, with lofty cliff and an inaccessible precipice facing each other on both banks of the river. The narrow place is almost joining. The green pond at the bottom of the gorge is unfathomable, with signs of danger appearing everywhere. The hair on the back of my neck rose when I saw these scenes. 
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