Beautiful Grape Valley Scenic Spot

10/21/2014 Young Sights Xinjiang 2081
If one goes north from the county seat of Turpan, following what is known as the Road of Grapes for some 20 km, one could reach the Grape Valley as one national 4A class tourism zone at the foot of the Flaming Mountain. Standing on Turpan City and casting your eyes to the bare and wild Flaming Mountain, the beautiful and amazing Grape Valley at the Flaming Mountain Valley is about 15 kilometers away from the city.

The Grape Valley contrasted sharply with the external valley. On entering the mouth of the valley, the dense grape fields are everywhere spread out over the hills and dales. The stream, the irrigation ditch and the spring drop could cast the infinite poetic and artistic conception over the whole valley.

The mulberry seed, peach, apricot, apple, pomegranate tree, pear, common fig, walnuts and a wide variety of watermelon and melons as well as many kinds of trees like poplars, willow trees and locust trees are widely distributed throughout the Grape Valley, which also makes the Grape Valley become the garden of hundred flowers. In the spring, the flowers are blooming like a piece of brocade. The height of the summer is rich with fruit and grain.

The vines are mingled with each other. One winding path leads to a secluded spot. The vines drooping under their loads of grapes are swinging in the wind, almost close at hand. The Grape Valley stretches some about 8 kilometers north to south and half a kilometer east to west. The total area of arable land in the Grape Valley is over 400 hectares.

The planting areas for grapes have reached more than 220 hectares. The valley is prolific in the production of the seedless white grapes, ma'nai'zi grapes, rosy red grapes, black grapes and some other species. The Grape Valley with the beautiful scenery also enjoys a great reputation at home and abroad for being richly cultivated with excellent grapes.

The grapes with an area of 315.6 hectares are planted in the valley. That district is fertile in fresh grapes with 8,601 tons. Some of the grapes were shining brilliantly as of a string of pearls. Some of them are brilliant colors like agates. Yet some of them are fresh green as emeralds. The brilliantly colored, the fresh and limpid grapes had always made one's mouth water.

Especially the white seedless grapes are thin skinned, tender meat, juicy and tasty. Its original taste and flavor provide good nutrition, which has earned the grapes the name of the bright pearl. These grapes taste non-bitter, crisp and refreshing, which became one of the most popular fruits for the vast numbers of people.

The sugar content is usually about twenty to twenty-four percent, surpassing the grapes in California, which could rank the first in the world. The raisins are made from the white seedless grapes with the high sugar content about 60% were usually regarded by the people as the rarity of the grapes. The Grape Valley is a refreshingly breezy place with its beautiful scenery. 
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