Wulin Square – The Heart of Hangzhou City

9/28/2018 Seven Sights Hangzhou 8088


Wulin Square is located in the northern end of Yanan Road in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, in the People’s Republic of China. Wulin Square is situated exactly on the north side of West Lake, in front of Zhejiang Exhibition Hall. This is the new city center where there are lot of commercial centers and corporate headquarters located. A lot of skyscrapers and commercial enterprises, public and private offices, factories, other commercial production houses are being springing up here on a daily basis.

The city square is famous for Hangzhou Telecom Building, Zhejiang Provincial Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou Shopping Center, Hangzhou Theatre and the famous Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Museum. Some of the most notable attractions in the Wulin Center are Zhejiang Exhibition Hall and the Piano Stairs.

Zhejiang Exhibition Hall:

Zhejiang Exhibition Hall is the famous land mark in Wulin Square and one of the notable exhibition halls in Zhejiang Province. This exhibition hall is situated on the Yan’an Road and the Grand Canal in its northern side. Sprawling an area of 13,000 square kilometers, with nine large exhibition halls, this is one of the busiest commercial center in the city. Lots of exhibitions and conferences take place in the complex. The infrastructure arrangements are excellent and include communication, accommodation and entertainments.

The Piano Stairs:

The Piano Stairs was opened to the public on 9th October, 2012. This is a show case project of Chinese engineering technology and architectural marvel. Each step of the stairs is tuned to produce a musical note, whenever a foot movement is done on the stairs. This is a joyful experience and definitely mesmerizes you.

Yanan Road:

The Wulin Square faces to the Yanan Road. This is a three thousand meter long road and the number one commercial street in Hangzhou city takes you the business hub – Wulin Square. On both side of the road, some of the important commercial and business establishment and its headquarters can be seen. The notable buildings are, The Grand Buildings of the Zhejiang Provincial Great Hall of the People, Hangzhou Culture Center, International Mansion, Victory Theatre, Hangzhou Department Store, Haifeng Western Restaurant and Hangzhou Grand Hotel.

Wulin Street:

Wulin Street is located at the downtown area, in Xiacheng district from where you can do most of your shopping like, garments, electronic items and accessories. This road is very close to the West Lake, stretched about 1,650 meters within the perimeter of Wulin Square. This street is also very close to Hubin commerce and trade center. You will have all kind of entertainment access in this street and shopping of your choice. This is the only area very close Wulin Square that can cater all the requirement of a tourist from leisure to economical shopping and foods.

There are a number of food outlets which serves branded franchise fast food to traditional Chinese food. Tourists will have an equal opportunity to experience the high end luxury shopping and compromised valued products.


The street is known for ladies garments and luxury fashion products. During the initial days of the trading you could have seen only mobile shops and electronic shops here. But today, there are plenty of fashion houses with sterling display of garments and fashion products show how soon the city is transformed in to a fashion hub. Apart from the fashion stores, there are many fitness centers, beauty salons, massage centers, female hair dressers and lot of leisure and entertainment activities never let you sleep! 

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