White Wonder - Harbin Ice & Snow World

6/26/2014 sonrisabai Sights Harbin 1982

In the northern part of Songhua River, there locates an enchanting fairyland-Harbin Ice & Snow World. It was built in the year of 1999 and is with more than 500 ice and snow projects. It perfectly manifests ice and snow culture as well as charisma of Harbin city. In recent years, Harbin Ice & Snow World is just getting more and more popular thanks to the annual Ice and Snow festival. Now, 13 years has passed by since the first ice and snow festival held in 2000.


The 14th Ice and Snow Festival of 2013 just made unprecedented success in its history. People gathered around and celebrated the wonder of ice & snow. Based on the theme of “Dreaming Ice & Fire, Fantasy Ice & Snow cartoon”, it was divided into 9 tourists attractions which were, Crystal Ice Lights Zone, Myths Zone, Conch Bay, Ice Age Zone, Cold Beer Polka, Iceberg Zone, Disney Land, International Ice sculpture contest and Ode to Joy Zone. So I was hoping to see nice views on this trip.

The night we arrived at Harbin was unbelievably cold, it was 30 degrees minus outside. For someone who was not a big fan of coldness, this was could almost killing me. The second we stepped off the train, a cold chill was rushing to my face through my mask. A few minutes later, there were white frost on everyone’s eyebrows and eyelashes. What an ice city!

If you think this is just some little girl’s dreamland, you are way wrong. Like cold and excitement? Well, you are going to love this. Here they got Ice Test Drive Base, which is also the most special test drive base in north China. The base is situated in the Ice and Snow Activities Zone, covering an area of 20 million square meters. For fun lovers, just imagine how awesome it would be driving on cold ice for miles. That is not all, along the drive route, you get to enjoy the white world view. Many automobile manufacturers have taken this place as show place to prove they get the best automobiles.Ice and Snow World wouldn’t open till 6pm, but we came there early so we had to waited for a short while. I was standing on the square in front of the cathedral entrance, totally amazed by what I saw. The gate of Check-in path was made of ice lamp, as high as six floors, so cool! The wall besides the gate is ice as well, about 300 meters long.


Stepping in, a complete world of colorful ice was laying ahead of me. White snows covered the ground, surrounded by colorful lights with different shapes. No words were good enough to describe such a wonderful picture. The castle reminded me of the started of every Disney movies, this was truly a wonderland in every way. Walking in the castle was definitely the best experience ever! If it wasn’t too cold, I could stay in here much longer.

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