Where to Buy Qipaos in Shanghai

9/2/2015 Donna Shopping Shanghai 4463

About the Qipao

Qipaos and Cheongsams were once the most fashionable and sought after dresses in Shanghai. The figure hugging dresses were subtly modest yet revealing with thigh-high splits. The Qipao is known for its high neckline and decorative fastenings and embroidered patterns. It is said that choosing the right Qipao will bring out the femininity of any woman. Shanghai is one of the best places to find some of the best tailor-made Qipao dresses with many stores and options.


Back in the 1930’s Shanghai was the most fashionable city in China with the influence of the west. The Qipao quickly transformed from traditional clothing to the latest must have fashion garment. Over the years the length of the Qipao have been getting shorter and with many modern modifications such as the use of materials and design. Changle Road in Shanghai has many Qipao stores that offer the latest and most fashionable designs.


Buying a Qipao

Purchasing a Qipao in Shanghai is a great momentum, though choosing the right Qipao that is suitable for the occasion and your style is the key. There is a wide range of readymade and tailor-made dresses in stores, shop assistants will happily help you out.

Hanyi Qipao (瀚艺旗袍店)


Hanyi Qipao is undoubtedly one of the most famous Qipao stores in Shanghai. Hanyi is the only Qipao store which still uses needlework completely done by hand. For tailor-made dresses it can take from one week to a month to complete depending on the design. Mr Chu Hongsheng, the owner of Hanyi has been in the Qipao business for 81 years having begun his apprenticeship at the age of 16. Today, Mr Chu is 97 years old and is still in the store most of the week measuring clients.

Address: No. 217-221 Changle Road, Luwan District (长乐路217-221)

Telephone: + (86) 21 5404 2303

Opening Hours: 9:30AM - 9:30PM  

Shanghai Tang (上海滩)


Shanghai Tang is known as one of the fashionable Qipao manufacturers. Shanghai Tang’s Qipao dresses are made for everyday wear using materials such as wool, spandex, leather and silk. The label is famous for its modern innovative designs which still manage to preserve the Chinese culture and tradition.

Address: 15 Xintiandi Beili, 181 Nong, Taicang Road, Luwan District

Shanghai Longfeng Qipao (龙凤旗袍)


Longfeng Qipao is a popular store amongst brides and those who need tailor-made Qipaos for all occasions. The prices at Longfeng are more expensive than other stores due to the traditional handwork and materials used. The Qipaos made by Longfeng are famous for the intricate details put into the fastenings of the Qipao can take up to days to complete.  

Address: No.942 Nanjing West Road

Telephone:  + (86) 21 5228 1787

Opening Hours: 10:00AM – 9:00PM 

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