Wandering in the Peking University Campus

10/30/2013 chloe Sights Beijing 2924

For many students, Peking University is their dream school. As one of Chinese highly top school, the PKU is the most popular but in the same time the most difficult university to enter. Therefore if you have the honor to study here, you are absolutely excellent. But unlike studying in PKU, visiting this university is free and easy. So if you have a go-PKU dream, just take a tour there. And you will find the tour is worth.

Founded in 1898, Peking University is China's first comprehensive university as well as China's highest institution of higher learning community. Countless students are dream of studying in this holy land, which is highly honored in many academic areas. Peking University campus in the Ming and Qing dynasty was a royal garden; therefore here you can experience both the grandeur of the imperial garden and the Jiangnan scenery. Pure, refreshing and elegant environment, charismatic biochemical college culture may let you feel the beauty of nature and full-bodied elegant flavor at the same time.

Weiming Lake is located in the center the campus. There are Bridges and pavilions on it to connect Weiming Lake with the land, which is a perfect place for dating lovers. In winter, Weiming Lake freezes, so you can experience the fun of skating on the ice. Besides, the lake not far away is the famous "BoYaDa", appearance of which presents primitive simplicity. Together with the Weiming lake, forms a picture of jiangnan scenery.

The lecture hall in Peking University is built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the University, which is the largest hall in all national colleges and universities with advanced facilities and full-featured modern multi-function hall. Lecture hall often operates all kinds of performances, such as Peking Opera, ballet, the New Year concert, and shows movies for students frequently, which provides the students rich and colorful extracurricular activities and spiritual sustenance.

The design and construction of Peking University is very traditional and characteristic for many buildings are the legacy of royal gardens. If you are interested in ancient Chinese architecture, enjoying this place is absolutely a kind of appreciation of beauty for you. I remember there are some villas in the campus and they have a long history from their appearance. Maybe you will think they are normal. But many important people have lived in them, for example, some houses are the former residences of Bingxin and Caiyuanpei. When you learn the story behind it, you will be filled with deep esteem.

For many students the south gate of Peking University is an amazing place to go. And if you want to meet some students and talk to them you cannot miss this place. There is a barbecue shop and the authentic taste makes it popular among students. Here the students talk about ideals, academic topics with passion collision sparks, and friendship takes root. If you want to learn more about them, just join them and make friends with them. I suppose you will be infected by their enthusiasm.

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