Visiting Harbin's Sun Island

12/24/2013 chloe Sights Harbin 3057

Gorgeous ice sculptures, charming ice lanterns as well as breathtaking ice sports certainly make Harbin a perfect winter destination. But actually Harbin is a first choice that suitable for travelling all around the year. This time we will introduce you the Sun Island, which usually brings out Harbin’s green and harmony side. 


As a hot travel resort in Harbin, Sun Island borders on the north shore of the Songhua River and occupies and area of about 3800 hectares. Consisted with the small islands nearby, Sun Island has more than 20 popular scenic spots all together, attracting millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year. It boasts for the waterside pavilion, flying waterfall, Sun Mountain, Lotus Lake , special snow sculptures and so on. 

The history of Sun Island can be mainly traced by to as early as Qing Dynasty. The name “Sun Island” seems normal, but it does have an interesting origin behind. During Qing Dynasty in Chinese history, mainland China was ruled by Manchu and the name of Sun Island was gained from the Manzhou Language at that time. There was a Manzhou fisherman who called a kind of fish in Songhua River “Taiyi an”. Later the name spread widely among Manzhou People and then it was used as the Island’s name.

Spring & Autumn on Sun Island

Taking a sun bath can be both healthy and pleasant in shining summer days, but have you heard about “Forest Bath”? Green is commonly seem during the spring and autumn in Sun Island, because there are over 300 000 green trees on it. Thus vast grassland, green sun mountain and mysterious jungle are the three most wonderful scenic spots here that you simply do not want to miss. It maybe a harmonious choice to climb the sun mountain and enjoy the pleasant forest bath with your beloved family. If you feel climbing is a little bit tired, taking a donkey car can be another ideal choice. The lovely donkey car looks like a moving castle with colorful decorations and the groom are usually friendly and kind enough to drive you around. If you are fed up with the stressful city life, you can have a relaxed forest bath on the Sun Island. It can not only help you to get refresh, but also pure your mind.

Summer on Sun Island

Summer is extremely hot in most southern cities, and Sun Island has become a cool paradise to escape heat. The beach along Songhua River is golden, soft and sandy; the Songhua River is clean and flowing; and the sunshine is warm and gentle. So order a glass of iced beverage, lie on the cozy beach, and enjoy the sun bath can be the best choice during your stay in Harbin in summer.

Winter on Sun Island

If you take a tour to Harbin during the winter vacation, magnificent ice sculptures and funny recreational activities on ice are the must-see. When winter comes, Songhua River becomes frozen and turns into a huge natural skiing rink. A wide range of ice sports are available here, such as iceboat riding, skiing, skating, snow fighting and so forth. What is more, enthralling snow sculptures and related artworks are displayed in the Harbin Snow Sculpture Art Expo on Sun Island, which attracts countless tourists from all over the world gather here to admire the exhibition.

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