Top Ten Most Beautiful Mountains in China Par-I

9/2/2015 Selina Ou Sights China 2114

Along with the splendid culture and glorious history, China also has fabulous natural scenery. With the vast and diverse territory and geography, China is bestowed with rich natural tourism resources including numerous mountain ranges, forests, grasslands, lakes, valleys, and waterfalls. While among all the beautiful natural landscapes, mountains are some of the most popular tourist destinations as for tourists whether go for mountaineering, sightseeing, hiking, and adventure they are ideal places.


Two-thirds of China’s territory is made up of mountains. There are many famous mountains that have beautiful scenery and high appreciation value. The following is a list of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Mountains in China” and let’s get down to see the beauty of these mountains.


1.Namjagbarwa in Tibet


Namjagbarwa Peak, located in Nyingchi Region of Tibet Autonomous Region, is the 15th highest mountain in the world in the height of 7,782 meters. Namjagbarwa means “a long lance piercing into the sky” in Tibetan. Reputed as “the father of icebergs” and “Paradise in the clouds”, Namhagbarwa attract numerous tourists for its majestic appearance and propitious shape. As Namjagbarwa is covered with snow and clouded with mist all the year around, it is not easy to see its true face which adds much mysteriousness to the mountain. Besides its splendid appearance, there are rich vegetation and many hot springs in the valley at the foot of the mountain. For tourists going for Tibet tours, the Namjagbarwa is an ideal place for mountain-climbing and also scientific exploration.


2. Mount Gongga in Sichuan Province


Mount Gongga, also known as Minya Konka, is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province and also the highest mountain in Hengduan Mountainous area. With its main peak in the height of 7,556 meters, Mount Gongga is known as “the King of Sichuan Mountains”. Mount Gongga is situated in Garze Tibetan Autonumous Prefecture in Daxue Mountain Range between Dadu River and Yalong River. Around the mountain there are about 45 mountains in the height more than 6,000 meters, but Gongga stands out with its imposing appearance and misty figure. Gongga is mostly famous for its giant impressive glaciers. At the same time, there are many alpine lakes, gorges, valleys, forests and grasslands in Gongga scenic area including the most famous ones like Hailuogou, Mugecuo, Wuxu Lake and Gongga Temple.


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