Top Halal Restaurants in Guangzhou

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Guangzhou has a large Muslim population so it’s no surprise that there are many Halal restaurants available. Below are just a few of the popular Halal restaurants of Guangzhou which are definitely worth visiting.


Mint Leaf Restaurant


Mint Leaf Restaurant is situated along the busy Beijing Road of Guangzhou. The restaurant serves Southeast Asian Halal food so it’s a great alternative for those who want to try out other cuisines. The most popular dishes of the restaurant are Beef Masala, Thai Tong Yum Goong, Salt and Pepper Tofu and Durian Pancakes.


Xinjiang Xiangfei Muslim Restaurant


Xinjiang Xiangfei Muslim Restaurant serves traditional Xinjiang cuisine. The restaurant has been opened since 1999 and is open 24 hours. The signature dishes of Xinjiang Xiangfei Muslim Restaurant are Big Plate Chicken, barbecue mutton chops, cold rice noodles and samsas.

Glass House Restaurant


The Glass House Restaurant is famous for its Big Plate Chicken and mutton skewers. The restaurant is one of the more well known Halal restaurants in Guangzhou. Other dishes worth trying are the Naangs, samsas and the yoghurt.




Zhenguoyin is a very small Halal restaurant located in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District. The restaurant does not have a menu but a large menu board with only a few dishes that are served. The main dishes served are Big Plate Chicken, Naang, fresh yoghurt, mutton chop fried rice, mutton skewers, spicy chicken and spicy sesame chicken.   


Andalus Restaurant


Andalus offers a great choice for customers with a menu that has burgers, pizzas, pasta, seafood, kebabs and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant is great for customers who need a big variety to choose from.    

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