Top 6 Most Beautiful Grasslands in China

5/14/2015 Selina Ou Sights China 3896

Just imagine you are galloping a horse under the blue sky on the vast green grassland where there are colorful bloomed flowers, winding rivers and zigzagging streams, scattered crystal lakes and dotted yurts, and the casual grazing herds of sheep and cattle, this is the fun you could not resist, right? When the best time to see the most beautiful scenery at the grasslands falls on summer, let’s take a look at the most 6 beautiful grasslands in China.


Hulunbuir Grassland


Hulunbuir Grassland is the one of the three best-preserved natural grasslands in the world. The grassland is located at the western foot of Great Khingan Range in northeastern Inner Mongolia near China’s border with Russian and Mongolia. With an occupation of 100,000 square meters and grassland coverage of 80%, Hulunbuir Grassland attracts numerous tourists there for its vastness and beautiful natural scenery, and the unique Mongolian customs.


Hulunbuir Grassland is also noted as the ‘purest grassland’ in China as it is hardly polluted ever. As the Grassland is nurtured by more than 3,000 rivers and 500 lakes, it is a rather fertile grassland with abundant natural resources and lush grass. Every June to September, Hulunbuir welcomes its best visiting season when it is decorated with colorful blooming wild flowers, lively flocks and herds, the blue sky and white clouds. At this grassland which provides amazing endless views of gorgeous, tourists can also enjoy the unique culture and customs of the Mongolian ethnic groups.



Yili Grassland


The Yili Grassland situated in Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture from Xinjiang is one of the largest and most beautiful grasslands in China. Located on the foot of Tianshan Mountains and surrounded by mountains on three sides, Yili Grassland is blessed with diverse landscapes and beautiful natural scenery.

Yili Grassland is actually consisted of Nalati Grassland, Tangbula Grassland, and Gongnaisi Grassland, among which the most famous one is Nalati Grassland. Nalati Grassland, a riverbed grassland with extraordinary idyllic scenery is a very hot tourist destination and summer resort for tourists traveling to Xinjiang. The enormous Yili Grassland is like a giant green carpet stretching to the far distant embellished with luxuriant vegetation, rolling hills, and the vibrant herds. Still the gorgeous Yili River Valley lying on the east of Yili Grassland and the splendid Kazak customs will offer the joy and fun a Xinjiang tour deserves.



Xilingol Grassland


The Xilingol Grassland located in central Inner Mongolia is a famous grasslands in the world and one of the great four grasslands in China. Xilingol means ‘rivers on the highlands’. Occupied an area of 10,786 square kilometers, Xilingol Grassland impresses tourists with its magnificent scenery of boundless vision and harmoniously peaceful sights of blue sky, white clouds, verdant grass, and grazing herds. But what’s more amazing is its diversified ecosystem. Xilingol Grassland is home to the largest nature reserve of its kind in China. It is consisted of sand dunes, wetlands, marshlands, and grasslands, with more than 1,200 plant species growing on the grasslands and many species of animals living there. Many rare animals are found on the grassland, such as swans, red-crowned crane, and bustards.


Besides the beautiful natural scenery, joining to experience the Mongolian ethnic lifestyle is a great fun for tourists. Go horseback riding on the grassland, or indulge in a local family to know the authentic customs of Mongolian people and enjoy their delicious food are must-dos when traveling in Xilingol Grassland.



Frigid Grassland in Western Sichuan


The Frigid Grassland in Western Sichuan mainly locates in central Garz of Sichuan Province. Though the Frigid Grassland is not as vast and flat as grasslands in Inner Mongolia, its alpine meadow has its own unique style. Early summer is the best season for the Frigid Grassland in Western Sichuan when the grass and vegetation get their best lush season. The grazing flocks of cattle and sheep are like black pearls dotted on the huge green scroll. While the majesty snow-capped mountains towering along the grassland add much more magnificence to the breathtaking scenery.


The Frigid Grassland in Western Sichuan is the place where people in Sichuan and Tibet do business since ancient time and it is also the route leading to the legendary Shangri-La. People living on the grassland are the typical Kangba people who are very good at singing and dancing.



Nagqu Frigid Grassland

Nagqu Frigid Grassland lies in northern Tibet with a total area of 400,000 square kilometers and an average altitude above 4,500 meters. Encircled by Tangula Mountains, Nyaingetangula Range and Transhimalaya Range, the grassland is sparsely populated and therefore its environment is well preserved. With its typical highland meadows with dotted crystal alpine lakes and winding rivers, the Nagqu Frigid Grassland is a paradise for wild animals and plants. Yaks, Tibetan antelopes and wild donkeys can be seen everywhere. And the idyllic beauty on the grassland is added by the imposing snow mountains and nomad camps which have colorful flags waving in the wind.

Every August in the summer is the prime time to travel to Nagqu Frigid Grassland when the horse-racing festival and many Tibetan festive activities are held on the grassland. At this time, tourists can not only enjoy the most beautiful and dynamic scenery on the grassland, and also get a deep understanding of ethnic customs of local Tibetan people in Northern Tibet.



Qilian Mountain Grassland

At the junction of Gansu and Qinghai provinces there sits the magnificent and imposing Qilian Mountain, which has an altitude of 4,000 – 5,000 meters above sea level. Qilian means ‘heavenly mountain’ in ancient Hun. At the Qilian Mountain, even for snow line 4,000 meters above sea level, the snow lotus which is a rare medicinal material is found.

At the foot of Qilian Mountain, there locates the spectacular Qilian Mountain Grassland. Benefited from the good weather and favorable natural resources from Qilian Mountain, the grassland is developed into a wonderland for nomads and tourists with its fabulous scenery. Every year in June and July when Qilian Mountain is still covered by ice, the grassland presents a dynamic green scroll adorned with lush grass, blossoming flowers, roaming flocks of cattle, horses, and sheep. The glacier landscape and the verdant primitive forests from Qilian Mountain, in addition to the summer spectacles in the grassland make the Qilian Mountain Grassland a heaven to visit.


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