Top 12 Paradise Attractions in China (1)

8/10/2015 Donna Sights China 4034

1. Three Sacred Mountains (Sichuan)



The Three Sacred Mountains are located in Daocheng of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The three mountains are high and steep, standing in Daocheng like sharp swords directly into the blue sky. These three magnificent mountains are sacred to Tibetan Buddhism and are surprisingly snow capped all the year around. The main Peak is known as Xiannairi and has an elevation of 6,032 meters and is one of Daocheng’s highest mountain peaks. The southern peak, Yangmaiyong has an altitude of 5,958 meters and is praised as the most beautiful snow mountain. The third peak is Xianuoduoji, which is also the eastern peak.


2. Kanas Lake (Xinjiang)



Kanas Lake is one of the most impressive sights in the North Xinjiang Region. It is located in one of the most remote border areas, where China converges with Russia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Originating from the Kanas Glacier in Altay Mountain, the Kanas River runs through the mountains for about 125 kilometers (77.7 miles) and the lake is like a pearl shining on the beautiful river. The "treasure Light" integrates with the beautiful Kanas Lake view, the white glaciers, the green grassland, the boundless forest, and the mist in mountains, will make you feel as if you were in a fairyland. In the Fall, the forests provide a vivid backdrop of colors, an unspoiled dazzlingly beauty rarely found throughout the rest of China. There are six bays along the lake and each of them holds a marvelous tale. 


3. Namtso Lake (Tibet)



Located in central Tibet, Namtso Lake at an elevation of over 4,718 meters above sea level is the second largest saltwater lake in our country. It's an irregularly shaped lake surrounded by mountains, measuring over 30 kilometers from north to south and over 70 kilometers from east to west. Namtso Lake, one commanding the highest altitude in the world, is also known as the large lake with a gross storage capacity of 7.68 billion cubic meters. The name of Namtso Lake implies Heavenly Lake, or Gods' Lake or Lake of Immortals. The lake is fed by the melting ice and snow from Danggula Mountains and afflux of a number of streams along it, contributing to the lake water supply. 



4. Changbaishan Tianchi (Jilin)



Changbai Mountains are the national reserve spread of over 2,000 square kilometers located between China and North Korea border. The Changbai Mountain was once a volcano, according to records, there were three major eruptions that happened dating back to the 16th century. After the eruptions a big mass of magma erupted and the crater formed a basin shape. Afterwards water started to accumulate and finally shaped today's Tianchi, an icy cold lake. Tianchi has been known for its magnificent and vast view but it is not easy to be lucky enough for tourists to see it once because of its misty weather. Tourists then have to choose the right seasons to see the wonderful scenery.



5. Mount. Wuyi (Fujian)



Wuyi Mountain stands on the south of Wuyishan City, Fujian Province. Wuyi Mountain itself has dimensions of roughly 70 square kilometers. It's recorded that Wuyi Mountain with important travel resources has been listed as parts of the world natural and cultural heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Wuyi Mountain is the important composition part of geoheritage landscape resources, with the red landforms of rosy clouds as noteworthy characteristics of theirs, also called Danxia landform that has been given more widely attentions for its great tourism value.


6. Tangbula Grasslands (Xinjiang)



Tangbula Grasslands is located in Yili of Xinjiang Province. The pastures, peaks are covered by clouds through the north and south. Forests are dense, rivers go through west and east consistently. The scenery is extremely beautiful. Since the Qing Dynasty it has been a shelter are for Yili Generals to hunt and kill during the summer seasons and is one of the 5 famous grasslands of Yili.


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