Time Honored Chinese Brands

7/1/2014 Donna Shopping China 3060
China has a long history of when it comes to time honored brands and some of the brands that have managed to stand the test of time. There is an estimated 15,000 old brands in China, 1,500 have survived, 150 are still running and approximately 10 are very successful. Below are four that are perhaps some of the most famous surviving brands.  

Shanghai VIVE 

Established in 1898 in Shanghai, the once favored makeup brand of Shanghai’s rich and famous had to be Shanghai VIVE. Back in the days it was one of the original true Shanghai brands and shot to fame in 1915 when the company was honored with a gold medal of achievement for its “Radiance Restorative Cream” at the Panama World Expo held in San Francisco. The brand having disappeared for half a century was brought back in 2010 and re-launched at the famous Peace Hotel in Shanghai. The makeup is now being targeted at the younger generation as a luxury brand and has been given a complete makeover with a brand new chic logo and new packaging.

Beijing Tongrentang

Beijing Tongrentang has been established since 1669 and was once the royal pharmacy for the imperial court during the Qing Dynasty. Tongrentang was the sole supplier to the imperial court up until the Qing Empire collapsed in 1911. As one of the pioneers of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tongrentang has managed to overcome market changes and change in consumer demands. Over the years the company have expanded their business with acupuncture, massage, Qigong and reflexology.

Yangzhou Xiefuchun Cosmetics

Xiefuchun Cosmetics was established in 1830 and was based in Yangzhou of Jiangsu province. The brand was famous for its hair oils, scented bars and powder. The Xifuchun brand was favored by the Qing imperial family and was the first choice of all ladies in the imperial harem. The company were given the reputation as China’s first makeup company but over the years with the increase of overseas makeup import Xiefuchun gradually lost its market share. The brand has recently been making a comeback with a brand new modern range but also continuing its vintage collection.

Changyu Red Wine

Changyu Red Wine was setup in 1892 in Yantai of Shandong province. The company was the first ever red wine producer in China. The company is now Asia’s largest red wine producer and in 2009 the company further expanded their vineyard in Ningxia with a 24,000 acres of land. In 1912 Sun Yat Sun visited the vineyard and was one of the most famous visitors to this day. Apart from red wine the company also produces: brandy, Chinese spirit and medicinal liquor. You can now visit the Changyu Wine Culture Museum to learn more about the history of red wine in China. 

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