The Most Natural Bulao Lake Scenic Spot

8/14/2014 Young Sights Beijing 2733

The famous Bulao Lake scenery zone is a beautiful place about 130 kilometers away from the downtown of Beijing City, Yunxiugu international hunting ground to the east and facing the beautiful Bailong Pool to the South, akin to the Black Dragon Pool to the West, adjacent to the world-renowned Great Wall (Jinshanling Great Wall) to the north. Bulao Lake scenic spot is far from a centre of social and cultural activity.

With quiet and tasteful surroundings, the green hills surrounded by the crystal water, tranquil blue water reflecting green hills. Bulao Lake tourist attraction with beautiful view is an admirable place to come to for a sightseeing and holiday. If it happens to be raining, the boundless lake where water joined the sky will half lose itself in misty drizzles, adding somehow to the scenic charm of the haze-veiled lake.

Bulao Lake scenic resort is located in the territory of Bulaotun Town in Miyun County, 130km away from the city. The scenic area clearly bears no mark of their artificial composition, or you can say so, it has not the slightest artifact sculpturing trace, no hands having ever been employed in making it, but those of a mere freak of nature.

There are three most striking features of the scenic spot, and Bulao Lake with three supreme sights are these; firstly, the unique medical stone healthy bathing place in North China; secondly, purely natural green food; and thirdly, over 10,000 hectares of immense forest and billowing pines in Gushi Valley. The recreational activities include shooting and yachting.

Meanwhile, other entertainment and leisure programs include tasting the mountain fruits and fresh fish from the reservoir. Bulao Lake natural scenic spot is intended to express its natural beauty. It could be referred to as the wondering place. It is stated that the bottom of the unique medical stone healthy bathing place is all paved by medical stones.

With all necessary supporting facilities and in a first-rate environment, Bulao Lake scenery zone is a good place for the shower, which is thought to be the best way to tone up your body, prevent and cure diseases, and prolong life. Medical stone is a magnificent flower in the medical research. It can not only cure the disease, but also postpone caducity and strengthen the body.

The local purely natural green food is also the most featured one, the local people use the water source and the soil achieved the non-pollution standard, simultaneously completely uses the natural biological organic fertilizer which produces by their farms. And the immense forest in Gushi Valley is the beauty spot where you are walking with beauty and wondering at nature.

If you come to Bulao Lake scenery zone for tourism, whatever going angling on a fine summer day, sailing on the lake, or swimming, having clean shower in bathhouses, as well as sightseeing and vacation, you would be completely carried away by the natural landscape of lakes and hills that could add radiance and beauty to each other. Each year thousands of travelers all over the world enjoy its matchless beauty and explore its charm. 

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