The Hangzhou Wildlife World – Created In Mountain Forest Style

10/6/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 5326
The Hangzhou wildlife world is situated in southwest suburbs of Hangzhou. Just as several other scenic spots in the city, it is also embraced by the West Lake Scenic Region. The wildlife world was created in 1968 and was reconstructed in October 1975. Presently, it covers an entire area of 20 hectares. This wildlife area is worth a visit owing to its exclusive mountain forest style.

Perfect location for informative tourism

The Hangzhou wildlife world is aimed explicitly to incorporate animal shelter, scientific exploration, edification, tourism, and popular science, making it a perfect destination for pupils on informative tours, and for travelers who just desire to like seeing several types of animals. Most notably, though, is that the animals here are kept in a natural environment, so that tourists can perceive their natural activities. This is what marks the Hangzhou wildlife world as a very prevalent destination for folks with kids. 

In current years, the Hangzhou wildlife world has lessened in fame, maybe due to the development of numerous other scenic parts in the region. Still, numerous travelers at all times add this area to their schedules when visiting Hangzhou, and several citizens contemplate it an amusing place to visit due to the animals’ tricks.

Wide variety of animals

The Hangzhou wildlife world has more than 200 different types of animals, so children have sufficient items to see. The high points contain the Panda, which is China’s national star, and a giraffe, which is the tallest animal. There is similarly an elephant, recognized as the largest mammal on land, and the African ostrich, which is addressed as the largest bird. The biggest serpent, a boa, is also part of the wildlife’s assortment. Additional animals comprise of a chimpanzee, a golden monkey, a lemur catta, a Manchurian tiger, a squirrel monkey, an African lion, and a Yangtze alligator. 

Animal shows

To further amuse visitors, Hangzhou wildlife area also provide numerous animal presentations, this features elephants, tigers, lions, bears, monkeys, sea lions, and other kinds of animals carrying out stunts. The most prevalent are the bear boxing and the skiing shows. There is also an enjoyable aquarium show that entices many people especially due to its rare and unusual goldfish sort, like the Purple Crown, Red Bubble, Silver Lion Head, and Black Dragon Eyes.

In current years, various types of fruit trees have been planted in great numbers in Hangzhou wildlife world. This has aided to make this place also a copious garden that provides admirable walking paths and tourism views. The wildlife world is also house to a Fish Wonder and Pupaomeng Spring at the Huagang Crook. From the wildlife world, visitors can also relish a sight of the Flying Clouds above Jade Emperor Hill. If you wish to have a change of scenery from mountains and gardens while visiting Hangzhou, you can come here and enjoy yourself fully.

How to reach there

You can take bus no K808, K4, 315, 504, 514 and 527. The admission fee for the wildlife world is RMB 10 for children and RMB 20 for adults. 
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