Top 5 Beautiful Lakes in China

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Lakes are considered as "the eyes of the planet” or "the blood of the planet" as they play an very important role in storing and supplying water, and adjusting climate. Also, many lakes in China have been listed as hot destinations by tourists because of their natural beauties. Here is a list of hot destinations for top 5 beautiful lakes in China.

No.1 Qinghai Lake
Located in the northeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the northwest of Xining, the provincial capital city of Qinghai province Qinghai Lake is the largest inland lake and salt water lake in China with an area of 4,456 square kilometers.

Qinghai Lake has breathtaking scenery as it is located in a vast area with magnificent views. It is surrounded by four grand mountains, namely the Datong Mountain in the north, Riyur Mountain in the east, Qinghai Nanshan Mountain in the south and Xingpi Mountain in the west. While from the foot of these mountains, there are vast green grasslands connecting the blue Qinghai Lake. This lake lay between huge mountains and vast grasslands form picturesque scenery of evergreen mountains, fresh grassland, clean and shinny waters, cluttering sheep and horses, blue and clear sky, active birds and scattered colorful tents.


Location: northeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Entrance fee:
Peak season: CNY100
Low season: CNY50
Bird Island: CNY115
Sand Island: CNY70
Sun Moon Mountain: CNY25
Beach: CNY22
Boat cruise: CNY45 (not available in winter)
Main sights: Bird Island, Sand Island, Boat Cruise, Riyue Mountain
Featured food: Muslim food, Tibetan food
Transportation: 109 National Highway, 315 National Highway
Recommend time for visit: summer
Related attraction: Heima River, Daotang River, Erlang Sword Scenic Area, Hexi Mountain

No.2 West Lake
Reputaed as the "paradise on earth", West Lake has been a world-wide famous attraction in China. Located in Hangzhou, the provincial capital city of Zhejiang province, West Lake has been enlisted as a World Cultural Heritage. The beauty of West Lake mainly lies on its elegant beauties of lakes and mountains.

Mountains, lakes, bridges and trees are blended into a harmoniously beautiful scenery in West Lake. It is outstanding because of its elegance. There are ten scenes of West Lake that are classic and unique to enjoy at West Lake in the four different seasons, including Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring, Curved Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer, Moon over the Peaceful Lake in Autumn, Remnant Snow on the Bridge in Winter, Leifeng Pagoda in the Sunset, Two Peaks Piercing the Clouds, Orioles Singing in the Willows, Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond, Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon, and Evening Bell Ringing at the Nanping Hil.



Location: west of Hangzhou City
Entrance fee: free
Main sights: Ten Scenes of West Lake
Featured food: Beggar’s Spring Chicken, West Lake Vinegar Fish, Dongpo Pork, Longjing Shrimp, Fried Stuffed Bean Curd Paste, Songsao Fish Soup
Transportation: bus, electro mobile, sightseeing bus, bicycle
Accommodation: stay around West Lake
Recommend time for visit: one – two days; all year round
Related attraction: Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Temple, Leifeng Temple, Xixi Wetland Scenic Spot

No.3 Thousand-islet Lake
Thousand-islet Lake, suggested as its name, has numerous islands scattered in the lake and it is the lake with the largest amount of islands in the world. Situated in Zhejiang province, Thousand Islet Lake has a large area of 567.4 square kilometers.

Within this lake, there are many islands of different size and shaped distributed. The spectacular of groups of islands is like a maze as the lake is divided into parts of different size by islands. In those islands, there are green trees growing. This is why Thousand Islet Lake is called "Green Lake". The crystal water sets with the green islands, making the lake pleasant and comfortable to the eyes. Also there are various types of animals living on the islets. And those queer stones in the islands in different shapes with streams flowing through add more freshness to the lake.


: Chunan County, Zhejiang Province
Entrance fee:
Peak season: CNY150 (March 1 - November 30)
Low season: CNY120 (December 1 - February 29)
Opening time:
Peak season: 8:00AM – 5:00PM (March 1 - November 30)
Low season: 8:40AM – 4:30PM (December 1 - February 29)
Main sights: lake views, boat cruise,
Featured food: Thousand-islet Lake Fish’s Head, Tea Garden Tofu, Fish Ball in Light Soup, Fern Silver Fish Soup
Transportation: bus, self-driving
Accommodation: farm inn, hotel, holiday village, villa, log cabin
Recommend time for visit: one-day days; all year round
Related attraction: Monkey Island, Thousand-islet Lake Stone Forest, Fiver Dragons Island, Huangshan Peak, Qinchuan Village

No.4 Namsto Lake

Namsto Lake is the second largest saltwater lake in China and the largest inland lake in Tibet. It is situated in the central part of Tibet with the elevation of 4,718 meters above the sea level to be a large lake with the highest altitudes in the world. Namsto means "Heaven Lake" in Tibetan.

In the southeast of Namsto is the steep and snow-capped Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains, and there are gentle rolling plateaus and vast grassland around the lake. From the top view, Namsto is like a huge crystal mirror laid between mountains and grasslands. When coming to Namsto, nobody could resist the blue of the lake. Pale blue, light blue, royal blue, gray blue, dark blue, and black blue, in addition to the white clouds and snow mountains when reflected into the lake, this fresh and solemn scenery seem to purify your mind and soul. And this is why Namsto is a sacred place for pilgrims.


: central Tibet
Entrance fee:
Peak season: CNY120 (May - October)
Low season: CNY60 (November – next April)
Main sights: lake views
Featured food: yogurt, butter tea, highland barley wine, Zanba, Wind Dried Meat
Transportation: bus, driving, chartered bus, cycling
Accommodation: recommend go back Tibet
Recommend time for visit: one-day days; all year round
Related attraction: Tashi Dor, Tashi Temple, Hezhang Stone, Good Evil Cave

No.5 Lugu Lake

Quiet and peaceful as it is, Lugu Lake lies in the Yunnan province like a sleeping beauty to attract tourists there for the admiration of its beauty. Especially in the morning, you may lost yourself when standing in front of Lugu Lake. The blue of the lake, the blue of the sky, the two merges together and disappear at the far mountains when water glittering under gentle sunlight.

The beauty of Lugu Lake not only lies in its ultra beautiful natural scenery, but also the customs and culture of people living around. When drifting a boat in the lake, or in the sea of reeds, you will be amazed at the melodious singing by local Mosuo people. Their ancient customs of walking marriage and the hot bonfires held every night makes the Lugu Lake more mysterious.


Location: between Yanyuan County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province and Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, Lijiang city, Yunnan Province
Entrance fee:
CNY100 (from Yunnan)
CNY80 (from Sichuan)
Main sights: lake views, Mosuo People
Featured food: Pig Fat Meat, Smoked Fish
Transportation: bus
Accommodation: inns at local villages around Lugu Lake
Recommend time for visit: March - October
Related attraction: Grass Sea, Walking Marriage Bridge, Big Luoshiu Village, Small Luoshui Village, Mountain of the goddess

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