Tangwanghe National Park in Beijing

5/13/2014 Ada Sights Beijing 2337

Located in the territory of Tangwanghe District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, Tangwanghe National Park is the first national park approved in China. It has unique tourism resources with the advantage of particularly favorable forest and ice & snow. The Tangwanghe River runs through the forests of the Tangwanghe National Park like a silver stream.

The diversity and rarity of the park's eco system speaks for itself. Tangwanghe National Park has incomparably elegant sceneries and naturally marvelous spectacles ranging from granite stone forest of Indo-Chinese epoch to the tertiary rare relic forest ecosystem - virginal Korean pine forest, from remains of windstorm disaster, burnt slashes to viewing garden of bog bilberry, strawberry picking garden, botanical garden of the Lesser Xing'an Mountains and wetland park. It is home to a Korean pine tree forest encompassing over 2000 square kilometers. The number of this pine tree species has declined severely around the world due to massive logging as the trees serve as a high quality building material. Roaming about the Korean pine tree forest are wild animals, such as elk and sable, rarely seen in other areas of the country.

Tangwanghe's mixed coniferous and broad-leaf forest, with Korean pine representing the majority, is the most intact and typical virgin Korean pine forest in Asia. There are also more than 100 rare species of trees in this area such as dragon spruce, fir, white birch and bass.

The park also boasts unique landscapes. Tangwanghe National Park is featured by rare geomorphologic landscape of granite stone forest and perfect virginal ecology with luxuriant vegetation and green mountains. Granite stone forest is a kind of geographic relic composed of clusters of bizarrely shaped rocks.

Other natural attractions include wetlands, waterfalls and last but not least, the Tangwanghe River. 468 meters in length, the river is the life line of the national park. Rambling on quiet and secluded paths in old pines and white birches, you can hear merry songs of birds, enjoy light dance of pines and cypresses, smell scent of azaleas and view grotesque rocks of Xing'an.

The park attracts a large number of tourists for its unique geology and geomorphology, beautiful ecological environment, fresh air, design of great originality and pleasant air temperature. To maintain the park's natural appearance, sightseeing trams are nowhere to be seen and the scenic section of the park does not have tour guides. Tourists are advised to follow a set route marked out by a number of direction signs. And even with so few service facilities, the park remains popular with tourists. It is the venue for an annual camping festival.

You can release exhaustion and annoyance in such a natural oxygen bar, enter a circumstance of returning to the nature and the harmony between the nature and man, experience boundless forest snowcap of "a hundred leagues locked in ice, a thousand leagues of whirling snow", and feel the artistic conception of "there is no rain when walking in the mountains, but the clothes are wetted by green dew".

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