Surprising Beauty of Hangzhou's West Lake

12/6/2013 Ada Tours Hangzhou 2806

West Lake is a well-known scenic spot in Hangzhou, however, Slender West Lake is also stunning. Slender West Lake is a man-made lake where beautiful views and historic points coexist. Touring along the lake on a boat, one is fascinated by the changing scenery. Situated in the northwest suburb of Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province, the lake gradually became a scenic area from a natural river course following continuous harnessing through the dynasties.

The Slender West Lake is 4.3 kilometers in total length with an area of over 30 hectares. The Long Causeway is on the western bank of the lake, extending about one hundred meters. Weeping willows that alternate with peach trees, growing all along the causeway. Spring Willows along the Long Causeway is among the 24 Sights of Yangzhou City. At the end of the Long Causeway is the Xuyuan Garden, an ancestral temple in the old days.

Lying in the garden, a limpid pool is planted fully with lotus and surrounded by various rockeries.
The scenic resort is a fine example of a traditional Chinese lakeside garden. Walking along the lake, one can see many elegant styles of architectures. Some line along the shore of the lake, and others are actually built over the lake. They all possess different kinds of beauty. Numerous poems have been left by famous poets about the beautiful lake adding to its cultural importance.

The beauty of the Slender West Lake lies in the meandering lake and simple and unsophisticated constructions. Main sights on the lake include the Spring Willows Along the Long Causeway, the Xuyuan Garden, Plum Hill in Late Spring, Yueguan, Chuitai, Clouds Flowing over the Water, the White Pagoda, and the Five Pavilion Bridge, etc. The highest scenic spot in the lake, Xiaojin Hill offers a breathtaking panorama of the lake from the kiosk on top of the hill. The Five-Pavilion Bridge rests on the lake, just like a belt. It gained its name from the five pavilions built on it. Elaborate in its structure and magnificent in its decorations, this bridge has become a mark along the tour route of Yangzhou City. The Five-Pavilion Bridge has an elegant appearance and possesses the characters of architecture in both northern China and southern China.

Its yellow tiles and red columns supported by white balusters have the architectural feature in southern China while its thick piers have the architectural feature in northern China. Besides, it is also a harmonious combination of the garden architecture and bridge architecture. Another island lying in the lake is Fuzhuang (Mallard Village), a construction built on the waterside and looking like a mallard swimming in the lake from the distant. The White Pagoda, which is an imitation of the Beihai White Pagoda in Beijing, lies south of the Five-Pavilion Bridge.

The entire area is full of poetic romance, and many poems have been inspired by the scenery. Scenic beauty and historical interests are combined at Slender West Lake, and the strong literary atmosphere makes the lake a brilliant pearl in the historic city of Yangzhou.

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