Photography Travel at Bashang Grassland

11/25/2013 Selina Ou Sights China 2572
The so-called Bashang generally refers to the uplift zone from North China Plain to Mongolian Plateau, that is from the northwest of Hubei province to the south of Mongolian Plateau. As for tourist area, Baishang is divided into Fengning Bashang (丰宁坝上), Weichang Bashnag (围场坝上), Zhangbei Bashang (张北坝上) and Guyuan Bashang (沽源坝上).

Bashang has been famous for its diversity of ecology and landscape among tourists and photographers. Grassland, lake, silver birch, wild flowers, groups of cows and sheep, rolling hills, blue sky and white clouds, all these natural beautiful scenery have made it a heaven for tourists. When summer, wild flowers are all blooming, with the rape flowers, a mountain of bright colorful flowers ultras the beauty of Bashang. At autumn, birches have become golden, but other trees have different colors. Some are red, some are orange or purple, matching perfectly with the blue sky and clean lake, this is the most beautiful season at Bashang. When winter, you see another splendid view. All this area is covered by white snow, even birches seem to be bleak. But when suddenly there comes a group of sheep, this quite world is refreshed again.

Bashang is a great place to make some beautiful photos for photographers. Every year many people come here at different season to catch the beauty of the current season. Here are some famous beautiful scenic spots at Bashang area for reference.

Birch Forest (白桦林)

This Birch Forest has the most attractive scenery at autumn. Birches are grown fasciculately, some are straight, some are bend, but all birches are showing their best when autumn. The whole birch forest has become ever golden. When sunsets, a layer of orange lights is shaded upon the golden birches, that is really breathtaking to photographers.

Valentine Valley (情人谷)
Valentine Valley at Fengning Bashang area has been known for its beautiful grassland scenery and simple country customs. Village there is not big, primitive and simple, but has been chosen as a shooting location by some famous films of China.

Saihanba Ski Resort(塞罕坝滑雪场)

Saihanba Ski Resort is a natural ski field for skiing at winter by its superior geographical environment. The whole are was covered by heavy snow, with slopes, some decorative trees, it is the place skiers look forward to.

Hongshan Military Horse Farm (红山军马场)
Hongshan Military Horse Farm is the base for photographers. The nearby Lama mountain and xiaohongshan are the best place for recording the most beautiful scenery of sunrising. For the beauty of sunsetting, the nearby lake called Junpaozi is the best choice. Also Xiaohetou village and nearby pastures provides best view for pastoral folks.

Colorful Mountain (五彩山)

This is really a colorful mountain at autumn and is the best place to enjoy beautiful autumn scenery at Bashang. In the slopes, different kinds of trees trying to show their best charming color at autumn. There are birches, pine trees, cedars, locust trees and so on. Every single tree has its own specific color. All these color are colorful and bright, distinct and well arranged, making it the most attractive place for photographers at autumn.

Actually there are a lot of other beautiful scenic spots waiting for you to find out.
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