Orient Culture Park – Chief Tourism Project

10/15/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 4999
Hangzhou Oriental Culture Park is situated in the convergence of Fuchun River, Qiantang River and Puyang River in the Yiqiao Town of Hangzhou city of the Province of Zhejiang. This attractive zone covers a total area of 2,700 acres, and an overall investment of more than 10.5 billion Yuan has been made on it. This Park is a chief tourism project in Hangzhou and attracts lot of tourists every year.

Main Attraction:
With a total area of 1,800,000 square meters, the Oriental Culture Park is present in a decent place enclosed by quiet lakes and lovely villages. The park contains of eight zones, in which wonderful displays screening the rich and grand Chinese cultures in numerous arenas will be a feast of eyes. By applying the progressive skills into the implanting and nurturing of the fruits and vegetables of the fresh species, the garden will astound you with a 6-meter-tall sunflower, about 100 kg pumpkin, a 2-meter-long gourd and several other unusual species.

Floating restaurants:
Serene Lake, the restaurant floating on water, center for fitness, village-style houses and treatment homes that are encompassed by the green peaks, will offer you a wonderful destination for your vacation. Walking beside the bamboo plantations, taking in the fresh air and reveling in the monkeys being harmonious with the attractive sceneries will prove to be a different experience.

Blend of cultures:
Oriental Culture Park has been a superb union of the Confucianism and the Buddhism culture. The Confucianism has played a significant part in the Chinese principles, so has the Taoism. The very old Taoist temple presents in the park demonstrates the growth of the Taoist and the huge effect of Taoist on the Chinese traditions. Having been gone through hundreds years of alterations, this temple is still as wonderful.

Here is also a big Confucius statue. The 9-meter-tall statue of Confucius made of bronze and the massive fresco called Xingtan, is the site where Confucius conveyed sermon to his scholars, and visiting here will articulate how great Confucius was and how important Confucianism is.

Century Plaza:
There is also a century plaza located in the park which is worth viewing. This 20,000 square meters wide plaza is ornamented with the thriving flowers, booming grasses, impressive pagodas and realistic statues which are about ten meter in height. The 16 meter high pagodas are in fact constructed rendering to the geomantic concept, all of which are emphasizing the Chinese customary conception of unity. The Sanjiang Pagodas present here resembles the archetypal architectures of the Song Dynasty (960-1234). With nine layers and an octagonal profile, some pagodas are as high as 60 meters and totally display the antique flairs of the Song dynasty, and you can also get a delightful view of tide and sunset from the top layer of the pagodas.

How to reach
To reach the Orient culture park, you can take bus number 6, 19, 322, 26, 561 and 562. The park is opened from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the admission price of the park is 128 CNY.
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