Northern Xinjiang - To Find the Golden Fairytale

11/13/2013 Selina Ou Tours Xinjiang 4735
Green for spring, red for summer, golden for autumn and white for winter. To find the best of this four color, you can travel to Yunnan in spring, Guilin in summer, Harbin at winter. But where to go in autumn? Northern Xinjiang is the best choice. To find how golden will impress you at auntumn, to find the sweet golden fairytale, northern Xinjiang will give you a satisfied answer.

Northern Xinjiang, means the north part of Xinjiang province, it is defined from the southern Xinjiang by Tianshan Mountains. The most beautiful part of Northern Xinjiang falls in Bu'erjin County, Xinjiang Province. Among Bu’erjin county, there are three sites tops in the must-see list, Hemu Village, Kanas Lake and Baihaba Village.

Hemu Village
Take a bus from Urumchi, heading to Bu’erjin county and arrive at Hemu. You will see a beautiful place called Wucai Beach after leaving Bu’erjin county before you arrive at Hemu village. Wucai Beach lies quietly alongside Irtysh River, but this is a natural oil painting mixed with red and yellow colors by splendid Yardang landforms. But this is just a warm-up scenery before you see Hemu.

When arriving at Hemu village, you will find everything becomes mysterious and obscure under the ultra bright golden leaves. Here you see the most beautiful pastoral scenery. Ancient, natural, fresh and fantasy. But the best view comes in the early morning when sun rises. When Hemu village wakes up under the first ray of sunshine, , all factors pop into a oil painting naturally and smoothly. Golden birch woods are lighten up by sunshine, shinning and waving their hands, blue river setts off the swaying birch woods. At the same time, smoke curling upwards from chimneys from the village, adding more obscurity to golden and blue. All these goes well with the well laid out wooden houses by Tuwa people. Now an oil painting that records the golden fairytale has been finished. Do not forget to wear your satisfied smiles.

Kanas Lake

Here is another fairyland of the Golden Northern Xinjiang. Here you can see richer factors of autumn. This is a beautiful, rich and mysterious lake. It is quiet and secluded with ultra blue color. All around are primitive forests growing rare trees and dense grass. In autumn, the whole forest is colored with golden, along with the high mountains, lake, grasslands, glacier and river, wooden houses, misty smoke... You may feel you are enjoying scenery of European Switzerland, but actually this is the beautiful scenery of “Asian Switzerland”.

Baihaba Village

Baihaba village is regarded as village locates in the extreme northwest corner of China. This is a village similar to Hemu village, also lives Tuwa people When autumn, many amateur photographers are attracted by its golden birch woods and poplar forests, accompanying sunlights and smokes.

To get a full view of the beautiful golden paradise in northern Xinjiang, there is a travel loop line suggested : Buerjin County - Hemu village - Kanas Lake - Baihaba village - Baha River - 185 Regiment Field - Baisha Lake - Haba River - Bu’erjin County.

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