Never Miss Nan Luo Gu Xiang

10/30/2013 chloe Sights Beijing 3471

In ancient times, “Hutong" is a typical residential architecture in Beijing, which is a kind of peculiar type of construction. As one of the most amorous old Beijing lanes, Hutong gives birth to the tradition and culture of people in Beijing, forming the representative Beijing culture. Since the Yuan dynasty in Chinese history, Nanluogu xiang was very famous for Beijing's Hutongs because many dignitaries gathered there at that time. In Forbidden City this street was the most prosperous region. For example, in history, the general office, the prince mansion and royal residence were built in this street. Compared with the other hutongs in our country, the hutong in Nanluogu xiang is protected very well and a brick here remains the face of the history. If you want to experience the history and culture of Beijing, it is a good choice to come here.

With a history of seven hundred and forty years, Nanluogu xiang is located between the gates and the drum tower. In recent years, all kinds of interesting fashion shops and bars are opened here, which have gradually replaced the sanlitun, or houhai as a new fashion landmark in Beijing.

These days, nanluogu xiang is also popular among foreigners for the bars there are combined with both ancient culture and modern fashion. What is more? Foreigners like to gather in nanluogu xiang because they want to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. Thus, a majority of Chinese young guys deem it a mutual communication platform to understand foreign culture.

In nanluogu xiang, please don't be surprised if you have no intention of founding a group of people in the alley is jammed. Because lining up to buy Wen Yu cheese has become typical nanluogu xiang scenery. Wen Yu cheese shop is located at no. 49 nanluogu xiang, the small store is composed with brown signature log, two red paint wooden door, as well as a few simple tables. It is said that the founders of the shop worked in the palace and made yummy cheese for the king. But he cannot tolerate the bounds of the royalty, so he left and ran his own shop. And he had a tradition, there is a daily limit of the amount, the shop is closed if the esteemed amount has been sold out.

In addition to cheese, there are many other local snacks in Beijing, such as sugar-coated berry, “douzhi”(a fermented drink made from ground beans popular in Beijing) etc. Furthermore, delicious snacks from all over the world have been brought together, like Japanese cuisine, Korean food, Thai food etc. So here you can choose whatever you like.

Moreover, there are different kinds of clothing stores in nanluogu xiang. The shops may be small but it has brought together the world famous brand. The clothes are very fashionable, though the price is even the half of the stores. If you are crazy about the top world fashion, here will not let you down. Do you want to experience the authentic Beijing culture? Never miss Nanluogu xiang.

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