Nanluoguxiang - A Distinctive Hutong in Beijing

6/30/2014 Selina Ou Sights Beijing 5803

Whether for the solemn imperial culture or the authentic local culture, Beijing culture has been an indispensible part among the list for people traveling to Beijing. For people trying to learn and know more about local authentic Beijing culture, Hutong and Siheyuan are always the first choice. While among those Hutongs, Nanluoguxiang is one of the most popular destinations among tourists.

Nanluoguxiang is actually an ancient Hutong located in Dongcheng District. North from Gulou East Street to south to Pingan Street, Nanluoguxiang has a width of 8 meters and length of 787 meters. As one of the most ancient streets in Beijing, Nanluoguxiang was built in Yuan Dynasty and has a history more than 740 years. On the east and west of Nanluoguxiang, there lies 8 parallel ancient Hutongs where you can have a casual stroll. Among these Hutongs, there are some former residences of some celebrities to visit.

Nanluoguxiang is an amazing place for tourists. At Nanluoguxiang, you can not only experience the local Beijing life and culture in those small alleys, also you can enjoy the collision of local and traditional Beijing life with modern commercial life in the main street of Nanluoguxiang. At Nanluoguxiang, there are numerous small shops and restaurants standing alongside the street for you to explore and enjoy.

How do you think of Nanluoguxiang? Someone says Nanluoguxiang is ancient and modern. Because there you can enjoy the ancient Hutongs and Siheyuan, you can watch the old Beijing lifestyle and discover the ancient Beijing local culture. Houses and stores are all in ancient houses with gray walls and green tiles. But Nanluoguxiang is also modern. After years of development and commercialized, Nanluoguxiang has become one of the landmark in Beijing. Those stores and shops are run in modern style with modern facilities.

Someone think Nanluoguxiang is fashionable and trendy as there you can buy fashionable clothes, handcrafts, souvenirs and snacks. Or Nanluoguxiang is actually quiet and decent. There are small cafes and bars along the street, but these have quiet ambient with decent inner decorations.

When walking around at Nanluoguxiang, you are not only supposed to enjoy and experience the culture and great commodities sold there but also you can buy a lot of special souvenirs and gifts in those unique stores and taste delicious snacks food there. A visit to the Passby Bar and Saveurs De Coree to enjoy a crinking, and a taste of the hottest yogurt in Wenyu Yogurt Shop are must do in Nanluoguxiang. There are also many delicious snacks sold in stalls and shops like friend chicken, barbecue, fruit juice, Chinese-styled pizza and so on. At the same time you can discover a lot of distinctive souvenirs and gifts in Nanluoguxiang. Creative t-shirts at Plastered T-Shirts, small gifts at The Pottery Workshop, fashionable accessories at the Upstair’s Lamu, and those gorgeous Jing embroideries, Chinese cultured hand fans, clay toys, paper-cuts, postcards and so on. Also a ride with a touring tricycle should be a romantic experience in Nanluoguxiang.

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